Granite kitchen countertops - the finest look for your kitchen

Granite kitchen countertops - the finest look for your kitchen

Which material do you want to choose for the countertops in your kitchen? This is one of the most important questions before you start designing your kitchen. Today we want to introduce you to a great way to do it. Would you choose granite for your countertops in the kitchen? Of course you should research all variants and think well about the possibilities. Apart from the material, the right color is relevant, because later it should be adapted to the wall shelves.

We start with one of the highest quality materials for the kitchen, namely the granite. It is available in many earth colors and its characteristics are unique. Robust and easy-care, it is the favorite in many homes.

Our collection is expertly selected and helps you to plan your dream kitchen. The colors are varied, which allows the worktops on the wall cabinets color match.

Granite kitchen worktops

Bianca Romano in white with modern granite countertop worktops

Bianca Romano in white with modern cooking island

Here we see a great design in white. If you want a classic flair in your comfortable kitchen, Bianca Romano is the place for you. The granite countertops look great not only in a white interior, but they are combined with warm, tinted nuances. To complete the high class look of your cooking area, you could use nickel or bronze elements, e.g. equip the stove, the extractor hood or the refrigerator. Another design idea is the combination with natural stone colors such as gray, creamy white, white and rich ruby ​​red.

The Bianca Romano countertops look particularly harmonious in combination with natural wood, for which the color palette consists of off-white, beige and gray. Walnut and oak are actually very popular among the traditional kitchen facilities.

Costa Esmeralda cooking island and wall cabinets in white granite countertops

Costa Esmeralda - cooking island and wall cabinets in white

Traditional kitchen granite countertops

Traditional cuisine

The unique appearance of this material captivates attention immediately. The green natural colors can be easily combined with your interior design. The color tones of this worktop vary from gray to green to brown. A mix of classic hanging shelves and modern home appliances in silver is a very good solution. But the granite gives your kitchen a noble flair.

Dark Costa Esmeralda wall cabinets in granite wood countertops

Dark Costa Esmeralda wooden wall cabinets

Rounded granite countertops

Rounded counter

For a rustic effect, the granite is combined with wooden shelves. Do not you find these kitchens magical? Small details made of copper or bronze create a stylish and elegant cooking area.

Would you like to add a touch of freshness to your design? Costa Esmeralda with its blue-green shade provides a Mediterranean flair. As a result, the kitchen appears homely and not overloaded with objects. Another possibility is the combination with sand-colored hanging shelves. Add electrical appliances with nickel accents and you have your dream kitchen.

Absolute Black cooking area in black and white granite countertops

And here is our favorite cooking area in black and white

Black and granite oak countertops

Black and oak wood

Men will probably like this variant the most. Who would not like to set up a real men's corner with a pool table at home and organize Boys-Nights-In? This choice of material and the coal-black color are extremely chic and masculine.

Does not the worktop in the picture look lovely? Illuminated by the sunlight, it works well with the remaining surfaces. We recommend hanging shelves made of oak or walnut wood. They fit wonderfully.

The traditional look in black could be offset with a touch of white hues. The contrast is lively and is a real eye-catcher in the home design.

Typhoon Bordeaux mahogany wall-mounted granite countertops

Typhoon Bordeaux granite and mahogany wall cabinets

The trendy mix of gray, cream white, brown and brick red is very colorful and suitable for the kitchen. As you can see in the photo here, you could lay the kitchen back wall additionally with suitable material for a wow effect.

Oak wood would also be a possible extension this time because of its reddish undertones.

Large Bianca Romano granite island countertops

Large Bianca Romano cooking island

Rustic, modern, eclectic, classic or traditional - which one is your style of furnishing? For every style, this neutral color would fit. It can also be combined well with all other materials in the kitchen. It's getting cozy! Everybody would like to stay in this cooking area and try new recipes in a good mood.

The robust and easy-care granite is the ideal choice for your countertops. The equipped kitchen invites you to cook together through the excellent atmosphere. convince yourself!

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