Gorgeous cut flowers delight the eye and soul

Gorgeous cut flowers delight the eye and soul

Beautiful, fresh cut flowers in finely designed vases are an absolute eye-catcher at home

Delicate pink roses in stacked ceramic cups immediately attract attention

Every season, beautiful flowers in all flower shops impress us. Many people are often tempted to take a few home with them. And that is perfectly true. Houseplants and cut flowers usually give the finishing touch to any modern ambience. They skilfully complement the furnishings and the entire room design and bring a fresh touch to the ambience. Undoubtedly beautiful cut flowers delight eye and soul and make our hearts beat faster. They spread an absolutely positive mood, which is contagious. Bouquets are usually colorful and so impressive that they leave no one indifferent. This allows you to set a colorful accent in the interior and break through the monotony in the room. Undoubtedly, beautiful flowers are always a great eye-catcher in any ambience. In this article, we would like to share some useful tips for the care and arrangements of cut flowers at home. Have you already become curious? Then let's start!

idea-for-beautiful vases

Of course, you can arrange everything in white and achieve a sublime look

Choose the right location for the flowers
You have to know in advance: the cut flowers do not like heat, because they wither quickly. So, look for the vase (s) a suitable cool parking space, which is not constantly exposed to direct sunlight. This keeps your vase flowers fresh for longer and keeps you feeling better. In most cases, they decorate the dining or coffee table, but also cut a fine figure on the sideboard or your desk. In principle, all flowers are visually very appealing, because they are the most beautiful creations of nature. But rather choose those that harmonize with the color of your interior. A well-designed vase of beautiful cut flowers will make a great eye-catcher and inspire your friends and family.

The aloe vera also feels good in a vase

The right care is a must!
Like all beauties beautiful cut flowers demand just as much attention. They must be properly cared for to enjoy us at home for a long time. Regarding their proper care, we have some useful tips for you. First, the stems should be cut at an angle so that they can draw water better. Then you have to renew the water in the vase regularly, preferably every 2 days once, to avoid any formation of bacteria and fungi there. And another thing: it would be very good if you add a flower care product in the water, which keeps the cut flowers fresh longer. And according to Feng Shui, you still have to remove withered flowers and leaves, because they block the positive yin energy that beautiful cut flowers in principle introduce into our home.


The blue-patterned vase is in line with the bedroom design

Introduce much aesthetics and grandeur through the cut flowers into the interior
Now browse our picture gallery and see for yourself the positive effect of the beautiful flowers on our psyche. They spread a happy mood through our four walls and make us optimistic. Certain cut flower varieties can also make the indoor air cleaner and correspondingly better. Decorate your home with bouquets and you will never regret this. With little effort and care you create a highly aesthetic and sublime atmosphere in your own home! We'll keep our fingers crossed!


A tin of vintage flair can never hurt

flowers, vase-decoration

Orange always makes us happy and makes us think positively

An old vase could look so nice!

A lilac bouquet spreads color and scent through the kitchen

flowers, vase-decorate

Purple and yellow roses are an undisputed eye-catcher on the small side table

vases-flowers, vase-candles-cool-ideas

With attention to detail - everything is perfectly designed and stands in complete harmony

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