Glamping - a real holiday experience full of comfort and style

Glamping - a real holiday experience full of comfort and style

Maybe you have not got any glamping experience yet, right? Today we want to prove to you that there are enough good reasons to plan a real glamping holiday for you and your family. During your voyage of discovery through the wilderness, you can get to know and experience the beauty of nature up close. It is undeniable and could really inspire you. And out in the open countryside, you will enjoy delicious aromas that nobody in the big city knows. Yes, for many city-dwellers the experiences in the midst of nature are quite foreign, even they seem dangerous to them. Therefore, many people prefer to sit comfortably at home and watch the Survivor stories on TV instead of hiking themselves with backpacks and comfortable sports shoes.

The logical question is: is camping possible today with style and comfort? My answer is glamping!

I personally love nature and always try to drive away from the city on my vacation. And you know exactly what happens if you want to sleep under the stars, but not necessarily in a stuffy sleeping bag? It is not that difficult to organize a real camping holiday with a lot of comfort. The Glamping phenomenon combines style and glamor with camping and nature. Literally, this is a successful combination of the term "glamorous camping". So glamping means camping in the open air, but in a luxurious way, without missing the usual comforts of home.

Glamping as a family holiday luxury

Do you want to camp on a far away coast? Then go glamping!

Glamping means camping in style. All you have to do is enjoy it. You could drive to the beaches of Mexico or climb the mountains of Montana. These places offer guaranteed great holiday experiences! But in almost every corner of the world you can find good glamping conditions. Now this holiday is on everyone's lips, of which one speaks in small families and at official events.
Why has camping become so popular with style and comfort? Here are some arguments for that.

Glamping comfort bed

Now you should not give up your home comforts.

It is comfortable
However, if you camp in style, you live "primitive", but under no circumstances do you live in "rough" conditions.
Forget the tent, where you usually have to crawl to reach your sleeping place. And the constant zipping? Is not that boring? Camping itself is wonderful, but sleeping on the floor often means a complete no-go for many holiday-makers. Glamping, on the other hand, means real beds, where you can enjoy your best sleep - in the fresh air, surrounded by the great outdoors. When glamping you have a spacious tent where you and your fellow travelers have enough space to really relax. The accommodation options here are very good, hotel-like hospitality and comfort are at your disposal. So you can relax on vacation like at home and feel good.
And there are sockets, which is a big selling point, right?

Glamping ideas double bed modern

It can be really luxurious in the midst of nature!

The resorts
Glamping brings you to beautiful places and offers you pure relaxation, which actually hotels and spas can not do. You could just wake up from a beach on a private island or spend hours in the mountains watching a quiet mountain lake. As soon as you leave your "room" you are in the middle of nature. An exciting holiday can not be better!

Glamping as a family holiday luxury comfort

Such a holiday should not be expensive!

The costs
Living luxurious in a tent, tepee or in a yurt or cottage does not have to be expensive. In fact, a glamping holiday is in most cases much cheaper than staying in a hotel. Take a look and search for glamping places in your area or in distant places where you want to travel, and you'll be surprised by what you find.
And you can rest assured that your money is well spent. Similar to AirBnB or VRBO, glamping holidays means supporting small, private companies. If you decide for a glamping holiday, you can immediately forget the effort of vacation in a large resort. Your choice directly supports the local community and the economy.

Glamping as a family vacation

Do you want to wake up and enjoy a beautiful panoramic view?

You do not have to be a holiday expert
Camping is not all about hiking, with a tent and sleeping bag. But honestly, with such a holiday you have little cost and it can suddenly be exciting.
If you go glamping, no additional equipment is required. Of course you do not need to bring your stove. Sporting skills or extraordinary stamina are not required here.
Surely there are those camping purists out there who want to hike for miles and be off the net for a few days. But if that's not for you, then glamping is the best choice for an unforgettable camping holiday. Here it follows the motto: relax, sit back and enjoy! Discover the simplicity of life in the midst of nature!

Glamping for the home

Here you can immerse yourself in nature in the truest sense of the word!

Glamping is environmentally friendly
Glamping does not just immerse you in nature, you learn how to protect it. Once you go glamping, you have an increased appreciation for nature and the environment. With Glamping you make your small contribution to the green activities.
A typical holiday in a large resort can be really expensive, there it is often crowded, even dirty. Glamping can happen anywhere, but it's definitely environmentally friendly. Typical of such outdoor vacations are low-profile, reusable materials. During your outdoor holiday, your heating and electricity costs will not rise. Here you can bet on solar or wind energy.
Since ecotourism is very popular, glamping offers great opportunities to win the popularity of millions of holidaymakers soon.

Glamping as a family holiday four-poster bed modern

Experience pure nature and enjoy

Glamping means getting to know new cultures
There is no better way to experience a new culture than to immerse yourself in it. Whether you are learning surfing or horseback riding with the locals on a vast coastline, there is so much to do, see and learn during every glamping vacation. The possibilities for different cultural experiences are limitless. Many new experiences will remain in your memory for a lifetime!
Are you already thinking about pairing your next vacation with Glamping?
I wish you a lot of fun and nice experiences!

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