Garden furniture made of pallets - practical and elegant at the same time

Garden furniture made of pallets - practical and elegant at the same time

Upcycling is the keyword of our time. Many people have a practical mind and want to use what is used for the second time. The pallets are undoubtedly high on the list of reused materials. They are made of wood that is sturdy and inexpensive. Therefore, one tries to breathe new life into the pallets and is constantly looking for new DIY ideas, which can be built from pallets. For hobbyists and home improvement this is the ideal material from which you could also produce garden furniture. We want to take a closer look at this aspect today. We show you a lot of creative ideas in our picture gallery Garden furniture made of pallets , These are practical, weatherproof and give your outdoor area a special touch. The homemade garden furniture made of pallets can also express your creativity, show your personal style and taste and at the same time enjoy a lot of comfort and cosiness in the garden. Stick to it and learn more about the pallet garden furniture.

Sitting area Garden furniture made of pallets

Create a comfortable seating area in the garden with comfortable seating furniture made of pallets.

An elegant corner sofa with soft overlays in cheerful colors would create a moody atmosphere in your garden. Armchairs and smaller sofas can be placed at the edge of the pool to enjoy precious hours of relaxation. Do not forget, you also need a small table on wheels, again from pallets, where you can store your glass of wine, the beer bottle or the exciting book. Even a small bench only is also a very practical idea. This can be in the middle of the garden, embedded in green and invite you to restful hours. Of course you can also make other pieces of furniture out of pallets, for example a sideboard for all sorts of things, a loft bed for your plants or a wall clock in vintage style for outdoors. Or what do you say about an outdoor shower, again created from pallets where you can experience the freshness and coolness of the water on hot summer days?

practical garden bench made of pallets

A practical bench with shoe shelves underneath

Garden shower made of pallets

Shower made of pallets in the garden a great idea for the hot summer days!

Loft bed for your green plants

You can use this home-made loft bed for your plants to separate certain outdoor areas

The ideas for garden furniture made of pallets are really limitless. All you have to do is set your creativity and skill in motion and you can roll up your sleeves right away! Let's go! Let yourself be inspired by our photo examples and get down to business!

Wall clock made of pallets

A wall clock made of wooden pallets peps up your outdoor area

europallets furniture table living room

A tray for your breakfast in the open air or afternoon coffee

cool furniture with pallets

Of course, you can assemble this wooden pallet in no time

window blinds

Window blinds for your country house in vintage style

Wooden wall made of pallets

A wall on which you can write important notes or make declarations of love!

Wall shelf made of pallets herbs

A wall shelf for herbs and odds and ends?

Garden furniture made of pallets bench cool idea

A cool idea for an outdoor bench

Euro pallets furniture wood stand

Practical holder for hand and bath towels in the country house

furniture outside terrace europallets

There is enough space for many flower pots with beautiful and fragrant flowers

Wall shelf made of pallets

Something extravagant could be a shelf made of pallet too!

Garden furniture made of pallets

A tray is never too much!

Coffee table made of pallets

The coffee table is a must inside and out!


A sideboard made of pallets in country style

furniture from pallets europalette furniture

Space for house keys and candles

Ideas clothes racks themselves build wood pallets furniture

Here you can hang different clothes

Wall shelf made of pallet

An open wall shelf painted in red will surely attract many curious glances!

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