Garden design without garden furniture-but how?

Garden design without garden furniture-but how?

You could decorate your garden with mid-century furniture and refurbish it with contemporary decorative elements. It fits antique or stylish futuristic objects. Hopefully the following photos will give you new inspiration and motivate you for new projects in your garden! We'll give you some tips today on how to transform your garden.

This fantastic trolley is great as a decorative element because it can be placed anywhere and looks authentic. The tires are real.

Garden cart made of wood garden decoration

Garden cart made of wood

The next deco element made of wood could not really be rolled away, but looks impressive. In it you have enough space for your most beautiful garden flowers.

Wooden cart for your garden-garden decoration

Wooden cart for your garden

This decorative hose reel made of aluminum looks authentic and would serve you in your household for years.

Hose reel made of aluminum garden decoration

Hose reel made of aluminum

This engraved sphere of wood brings an exotic, African touch to your interior. On it an antique dance scene is pictured around the fire.

Engraved sphere of wood garden decoration

Engraved sphere of wood

Do you want a touch of French culture in your house? This little vintage trolley for your garden could be quietly found in Provence.

Vintage garden cart in french style garden decoration

Vintage garden cart in the French style

Charge the pumpkins in the car, please! The wooden car in the American style could e.g. to house the fruits in your garden or other tools. A real must-have.

Car in American style

Car in American style

How gorgeous does this accessory look like? The ceramic oval bowl accommodates your garden hose. Just find the right place for it and convince your guests of your skill.

Container for garden hose made of ceramic garden decoration

Ceramic vessel for the garden hose

Everything fits in with these decorative items. It could be used very flexibly, e.g. on a table. He should not stand on the ground because of his height.

Wooden fruits basket garden decoration

Fruit basket made of wood

Create a spectacular location with this appealing deco element. Fantastic in its appearance and suitable for any beautiful garden.

Fairy faucet garden figures

Fairy faucet

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