Garden design with perennials: styles and inspirations

Garden design with perennials: styles and inspirations

The garden design is certainly not an easy task. Why else do so many homeowners hire gardeners? Because in addition to the respective plant care the well-planned, structured garden is just as important, even more and more important. After all, you do not want to have beautiful flowerbeds distributed chaotically in the garden, right?

We often talked about suitable garden furniture. Now we have compiled for you a picture gallery and useful tips that directly answer the following question: How to design your own garden with eye-catching island beds or with beautiful perennials as bed edges. And in addition, the garden looks structured and well-kept.

Modern garden design horsetails sculpture

Horsetails as a minimalist, elegant eye-catcher in the modern garden

It would be helpful if you could properly rethink every life decision. The same goes for the dreamed-up garden: you should have a clear idea of ​​how to use the available terrain. Should the open area be natural and fluent or rather symmetrical with geometric lines? Do you like small, practical flowerbeds or large groups of plants? How about a walkway through it? Project planning here is essential. That's why we would like to explain to you today the steps of garden design with perennials.

Garden design pond garden bridge shrubs

Versatile garden landscape for a zen feeling

Suppose you want to design several small island beds with perennials, e.g. up to a meter wide. What should be considered? In the first place a bed looks varied in the monotonous garden, it is a real eye-catcher. In the second place, regardless of its shape, it can easily be created. How is that done?

Gartenweg floor slabs granite easy to clean

Granite floor tiles for the easy-care garden path

One begins with the enclosure. You can not disturb applied edge stones when mowing. The lawn is removed inside the formed bed and compost and soil are added. Then the island bed can be planted as usual. Do not be limited by the shape: a bed looks charming in a round, straight, as well as unusual shape.

Garden Planning Island beds unusual shape

Island beds in unusual form for the varied use of the available lawn area

Planting: Carefully selected, perennial shrubs rejoice every spring. The island bed would be perennial plants such as daylilies, lavender, moth-king, sacred flowers. Spice up the sun hat and ivy species. What does an herb bed sound like? Then different mints and rosemary would be very appropriate, even those herbs that also have decorative properties.

Garden planning stepping stones planter structured

Beautiful garden is the well-structured garden

The perennials can also serve as a structured walkway border. A well-planned perennial flowerbed brings structure into your garden. In addition, it will appear in full bloom contrasting the usual lawn. Any plant species such as sage, iris and geranium are planted so that the short plants are in front of the tall ones. By keeping distance between the plant varieties. The mooring is done as in the island bed, only here mulch is added. After planting, you must water the perennials twice a week.

Ornamental gravel Ornamental chess Boxwood shrubs

Evergreen shrubs, including the boxwood, enrich the garden all year round with lush greenery

Tip: For a variety of perennials, you need to select those that flower at the same time. Otherwise the overall look will be uneven.

Outdoor facilities small garden retreat

Do you want a retreat in the garden? Even at the planning stage, personal ideas are included in the first place

As additional decorative objects you could equip the garden with a pond or, in an interesting way, use stepping stones to form a sidewalk.
Take a look at the great photo examples with enchanting garden design!

Garden area Natural stone perennials Nature experience

The look of this natural garden is complemented by the gray path, as well as by pink and purple plant colors

Garden trends Screening stones Grass area

In addition to natural plants, natural stone, wood or metal can serve as an optical screen in the garden

Home garden design seating group stone blocks decoration

The stone blocks are used as excellent, authentic garden walls

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