Furnishing accessories for adults

Furnishing accessories for adults

As in other areas of life you should also reach for a valuable institution deep into the bag. We're here to help and show you 10 practical, durable and exceptional items that you can always rely on. Do we want to start right away?

A striking armchair

The investment in high quality seating pays off-residential furnishings

The investment in high quality seating pays off

Do you want to have a great accent in the room? Then you absolutely need a striking armchair! Your stylish living room needs more than just a sofa. Accent pieces like this armchair provide extra seating and a design look.

pendant light

Pendant lights with interesting designs fresh the interior on-designer pendant light

Pendant lights with interesting designs refresh the interior

Proper lighting has a significant impact on modern interiors. The recessed spotlights play an important role, but an additionally mounted pendant light will also illuminate selected room parts.

Large dining table

The classic variant of the wooden table-trendy furniture interior design

The classic variant of the wooden table

The quick meals at the coffee table you should rather leave in the past. It's time for a big table to comfortably accommodate your family and friends. Extensible designer tables are also a stylish solution.

Beautiful houseplants

Cute succulents for sleep or living room-easy-care indoor plants

Succulents are good for the bedroom or living room

Beautiful indoor plants are a must in our home these days. As you know, they radiate the living space and require little time and effort for their care. On the windowsill, on the bookcase or in the bathroom, they create colorful variety and cosiness. You may not be a hobby gardener? No problem. Choose easy-care and cute succulents. So you have at least some green in your room.

cloth napkins

Colorful fabric napkins impress the most discerning guest cloth tablecloth pattern

Colorful cloth napkins impress the most demanding guests

As we have already mentioned in another article on Trendomat, your dining table will look even more chic and elegant thanks to a beautiful linen tablecloth. Cloth napkins in bold colors and flattering print patterns should always be within reach.

spice containers

Sleek Spice Tray Set provides functionality and design spice rack glass containers

Modern spice container set offers functionality and design in one

The kitchen should be well equipped, from the fridge to the spice rack. The organized and modern spice rack would not only look good in the kitchen, but it can also motivate you to try new recipes.

Cookware Set

Traditional tableware-quality cooking pots made of stainless steel kitchen accessories

Traditional cookware-quality cooking pots made of stainless steel

For sentimental reasons, you probably just insist on the pots from your studies. A brand new cookware set adds aesthetic value to any kitchen. Incidentally, the cooking process is facilitated by the good quality of the cooking pots.

console table

Glass and brass console table with simple design living room design furniture Mid-Century

Glass and brass console table in a simple design

This type of tables can be placed anywhere in the home. The furniture can be an eye-catcher in the room and is used to store keys, letters, jewelery etc.

Your handbag, as well as deco items and succulents will thus have a predetermined place without you getting in the way.

Towel kit

Uniform bath towels for a harmonious look-bathroom decor

Uniform bath towels for a harmonious look

The harmonious color coordination is very important in the decor. If you are not sure whether your existing bath towels are cleverly combined, get yourself a new set.

Elegant, cozy blanket

Luxurious cuddly blanket for the bedroom coverlet

Luxurious cozy blanket for the bedroom

The trendy cuddly blankets are a great home accessory that offers more coziness on the bed or sofa. Although natural fibers such as cashmere or sheep's wool are steep, they will serve you for years with their stylish look.

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