Furnish kitchens in white and gray

Furnish kitchens in white and gray

The combination of gray and white works very well in modern and ultra-modern kitchen concepts. So it could be a good solution for many home builders. We experience so many different ideas in these two colors under the designer kitchens that you should not worry about the individual charisma of your kitchen.

In any case, you will achieve an upscale character. If you set up your kitchen in white and gray, it looks clearly bright. Nevertheless, the atmosphere is by no means sterile, but extremely cozy.

Furnish kitchens in white and gray 1

The color duo gray-white gives the kitchen design an upscale character

Kitchen kitchens in white and gray 2

Break through the two-tone design concept through a vase of colorful cut flowers or a fruit bowl

The challenge here is to individualize the concept with strong accents and to make it look interesting and lively.

Different variants of gray

Our first tip is to use different nuances of gray in your kitchen equipment. You will thereby create a monochrome interior through multiple dark and light layers. Against this background, white looks dazzling and extremely interesting. The accents could be set in very dark gray. So you can achieve a very effective design with just the two shades.

Furnishing kitchens in white and gray 3

Try to combine different shades of gray as part of the overall design concept

Combination with wood

The noble surfaces in gray and white seem very upscale, but on the other hand they could feel too cool. Let the kitchen look warmer through the use of great wood surfaces. Even in the simplest form, they will stand out in this context. However, if you want to create a particularly interesting appearance, choose the rough surface treatment or the visible grain.

Furnish kitchens in white and gray 4

In the gray-white design concept, you can easily introduce wood with its grain and the variety of nuances

Color blocking

Color blocking is a strategy that works well with the use of gray and white. You can use it to separate the different areas within a small kitchen without sacrificing the monochrome color palette.

Kitchens in white and gray 5

Color blocking - this method allows you to separate individual areas

Unexpected contrasts

Setting unexpected contrasts that are still very tasteful and interesting is not an easy task at all. With gray and white you can achieve this goal easier. Examples of such interesting juxtapositions of colors in surprising locations would be the furnishing of shelves in white from the outside and gray from the inside. The same principle can be applied to many closed storage areas.

Kitchens in white and gray 6

Blue, gray and white - a wonderful color combination!

The gray and white color palette is very open and you can combine it in practice with another color that you are most interested in. Very stylish would be a current blue shade. Choose this for the kitchen cabinets. The background and floor design can be done entirely in gray and white. Such a kitchen looks uplifted and at the same time very relaxing for the eyes and senses.

Great base for the eclectic mix of textures

Should the small eye-catching accents in your kitchen furniture steal the show? Then a neutral background would be perfect. Render it in gray and white, bringing a sense of dynamism and modernity to the kitchen.

Furnishing kitchens in white and gray 7

Wooden floor and brick wall emphasize the two-colored kitchen design concept better

Furnishing kitchens in white and gray 8

Eclectic mix of textures

Furnishing kitchens in white and gray 9

With modern kitchen appliances you can set accents in metallic

The mixing of many metallic colors is 2017 modern. In a kitchen where gray and white set the mood, this concept will be extremely successful. What do you think about the parallel use of stainless steel and chrome accents?

Orange, yellow and red

A gray and white kitchen needs very little to be refined. For example, just a few strong accents in red, yellow or orange would suffice. You can insert these through some accent chairs or beautiful dishes on the shelves.

Furnishing kitchens in white and gray 10

Orange and yellow fit wonderfully in the two-tone design concept, at least as an accent

Futuristic forms

An extremely modern or futuristic character can be achieved by using geometric shapes. Gray is associated with technology and thus with a contemporary and future-oriented lifestyle. So this color would be the perfect cover for the geometric kitchen interior. White provides balance and makes the design classic and thus timeless.

Furnishing kitchens in white and gray 11

Clean lines and futuristic shapes are announced here

Furnishing kitchens in white and gray 12

Marble kitchen island modern kitchen white gray

Kitchens in white and gray 13

Small kitchen in gray-white flooded in the light

Kitchen furnishings in white and gray 14

The wooden floor with its interesting grain comes in this white-gray ambience very much to advantage

Furnishing kitchens in white and gray 15

Wooden floor and brick wall in gray complete the white-gray kitchen interior

Furnish kitchens in white and gray 16

Part of the kitchen island is made of wood

Furnish kitchens in white and gray 17

The modern kitchen in white gray also provides wood accents

Kitchens in white and gray 18

Green plant and colorful kitchen utensils refresh the color scheme

Furnishing kitchens in white and gray 19

The wooden floor brings some warmth to this white-gray kitchen interior

Set up kitchens in white and gray 20

Does your dream kitchen look the same? Mine, however!

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