Platino Design Studio designed this inspirational home design in a vibrant color palette of white, yellow and beige. At the very beginning everyone asks the question: how big is the area that can be covered? Experienced experts strongly recommend adapting your projects to this form and putting the rough stone in the foreground by careful arrangement of all elements.

Living room shelf modern white blue yellow LED lighting-luxury designer furniture

The stylishly designed shelf is a real eye-catcher in this modern living room.

In order to provide each room in the ground floor and basement with good lighting, they have had to restructure the existing space. The skylights, translucent objects and windows have been converted to provide enough light for each room. The rooms have to be adapted to the people. The center may not be something impersonal, such as the TV. For this reason, the designers have decided to take the TV from the middle of the room and place in his place the fireplace. So a cozy and warm flair is brought into the room. Something new is created to meet the basic needs: the largest bathroom is shared and the stairwell intervenes. First, you have to make sure that the two units are strictly separated. As the natural light falls into the ambience at different angles during the day, the furniture and colors create interesting play of light and emphasize the general artistic effect.

Cabinet fireplace leather sofa living room table shelves dining room chairs recessed modern white luxury designer furniture

Elegance flows from every corner and angle here! The interior is really impressive!

The imaginative designers use the corner of the room, turn it to 140 degrees and add a bookshelf in the form of an open book. The yellow fits perfectly to the clean design and reminds of good mood, cleanliness, luxury.

Modern Chairs Red Image White Leather Sofa Dining Dining Table Luxury Designer Furniture

Modern transparent chairs with red armrests complete the picture!

Modern worktable bench wood table lamp shelf books decor yellow white-luxury designer furniture

Your home office can look simple and sublime at the same time!

Dresser Candlestick Decoration Wooden Table Recessed Spot Yellow White luxury designer furniture

Dresser with the candle holder on it is a real eye-catcher in this ambience!

Hanging lamp recessed lighting lighting glass wall decoration bar stool metal modern-luxury designer furniture

Hanging lamp, recessed spotlights and a perfect glass wall - are not these the elements of modern interior design?

Fresh luxurious furnishings-luxury designer furniture

Fresh looking yet luxurious decor

Dining room Kitchen Dining table Chairs Hanging lamp Leather sofa Modern White Red Fireplace Recessed light luxury designer furniture

The dining area is emphasized by great hanging lamps.

Bookcase wall shelf bench work table wood table lamp books white yellow modern-luxury designer furniture

The long wall shelf is intended for books and souvenirs. The simple wooden bench and the table with the magnificent table lamp are in perfect harmony with each other.

Picture Modern Simple White Floor Lamp Floor Lamp Curtains Footstool Leather armchair luxury designer furniture

Modern picture complements the well-being corner, where you really relaxed.

Bathroom Bedroom Dresser Recessed light Stairs Suitcase White simple modern-luxury designer furniture

The bathroom is seamlessly connected to the bedroom and everything is done in white. Only the antique dresser immediately catches the eye and shows the show here.

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