Follow these steps if you want to buy a sofa

Follow these steps if you want to buy a sofa

The sofa does not lose importance, on the contrary, it gets over time again and again new features. The sofa usually has a decorative purpose, also serves as additional sleeping space and storage space. It has to serve as a comfortable seat and always remain comfortable and aesthetically pleasing despite the stress.
Due to all these requirements, the purchase of a sofa is now a very complicated task.


Do you want to have a modern sofa?


White sofa fits wonderfully with the white design

Restrict the wide range
The biggest selection on the market is a problem in itself. They have a variety of different possibilities and it is really difficult to cope with.
The first preselection should match the style. Then the size follows - the sofa should be well adapted to the dimensions of your apartment and on the third line you have to make a choice in terms of functionality.
This is how it works in practice step by step ...
Look for stylistic and formal matches
A sofa fits well into your interior design when it shows correspondence with its colors and shapes. Pay particular attention to the following details:

Style of the armrests

sofa-ideas-for-modern-living room

The sofa armrests can have different, even unusual shapes

designermobel sofa

You decide which design best suits your interior

There are many different forms of armrests and many models without them. That determines whether your sofa looks traditional or modern. Make a choice which type of armrests will fit the style of your home.

Upholstery and other final ornamental details

upholstered sofa-Throw

Velvet padding in soft light green paired with interesting patterned decorative cushions

The upholstery should be evaluated not only in terms of color, but also according to the texture. In a monochrome interior design, the sofa can stand out because of it, even if it totally matches the rest of the interior design.

The feet of the sofa

establishment of ideas living room-upholstered sofa

The feet of the sofa can be shaped differently

Determining whether a sofa has a modern or conservative look is the shape of the feet. They can be straight or show a richly ornamented shape. On some models they are not visible at all - these are very suitable for the seamless, modern look.

white-sofa-ideas-for-modern-living room

Without feet, the sofa looks very stable

How many seats do you need?

chesterfield sofa-living room-set

How many people should your sofa provide seating?

The next step in the selection process should be determining the size of the sofa and the number of seats. Mostly, two or more people can sit on a sofa. The different seats are in some cases determined by the number of pillows. But this is a bit restrictive because you have to position yourself at a certain point and the number can not vary on demand.

sofa-in-yellow-for-small-living room

Small but very noticeable in lemon yellow

Test the sofa

Sit on the sofa and stay a little bit there. Evaluate the feeling according to the criterion "comfortable sitting":
You need to feel very relaxed about it - the only way to avoid any tension in the long run. If there are problems with the depth, then you must try to correct them with a decorative pillow. Most people solve the problem as soon as they stabilize their back.
Choosing a sofa is not that difficult, but it does not have to skip certain steps to make it a successful and individual choice from your own point of view.

living room-looking sofa-deco

White with dark decorative cushions

living room-yet-make-design-sofa

or in a striped pattern


Modern sofa in gray brings a sublime touch to the interior

modern-sofa-in-pink-with-colorful-deco pillows

Modern sofa in pink with colorful decorative cushions

living room-design-ideas-modern couch

An extra for your favorite magazines or other readings

designer furniture-living room sofa

The wooden construction can also appear, it does not disturb the modern look

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