Flowers and bouquets for Valentine's Day

Flowers and bouquets for Valentine's Day

Immerse yourself in the magical love mood of Valentine's Day with delicate flowers and bouquets. Give these flowers to your loved ones for Valentine's Day or use them to give your home a romantic touch at dinner. As a classic flower for the big festival of lovers, the rose is used in many variations, combined with beautiful vases.

Flowers Valentine's Day rustic containers tender pink

Romantic pink ranunculus in rustic containers

Pink ranunculus

The pink ranunculus are a great gift for your beloved ladies on Valentine's Day. Even a flower in a certain color varies in many shades, which means that if you use even one species of this flower, you will get a really colored bouquet. Try combining the pink flowers with a rustic metal container for an artistic contrast.

Pink flowers Spring branches Glass vase

Delicate pink blossom branches in a glass vase

Delicate flowering branches

Attach the pink flowers to the branches with hot glue. This is an elegant and durable variation to enjoy the beautiful flowers. In this modern way, you can not only admire the beautiful flowers on the 14th of february, but you will be enchanted for months to come each year.

Vintage vases of red roses

Red roses are the eternal messengers of love

Vintage vases

Use romantic vintage vases for your bouquets. Choose three different types of roses and put them in vases of the same color. Cut the stems at the same height and decorate the garden table.

Bedside glass bottles vases flowers

Floral arrangement in bright colors on the bedside table as a surprise for Valentine's Day

Nice surprise on the bedside table

Who would not like to wake up on Valentine's Day and be surprised by a flower arrangement full of bright colors on the bedside table? This simple gesture not only gives your loved one a sense of appreciation, but keeps that great mood all day long.

Hydrangea pink

Pink hydrangeas in a crystal vase

Delicate pink hydrangeas

These delicate pink hydrangeas in the crystal vase are a real highlight and complement any festive decor for Valentine's Day.

Glass vase rose petals

Glass vase with rose petals

This beautiful flower island captures the view and brings a lot of mood in the room. Briefly cut the stems of the roses and put them in a glass vase with water. Distributed in the apartment, this ensures a festive mood.

Serving tray table

Ranunculus in red and white fabric container

Color islands can also be created by putting flowers in containers of the same color. For this purpose, containers made of fabric fit quite well.

Beautiful flowers houseplant

Beautiful flowers of houseplants look good in classic flowerpots

Beautiful flowers of houseplants look good in classic flowerpots.

Tulips tulips bouquets white vase table

Colorful tulip bouquets go well with white vases

Colorful roses white vases

Fresh colorful roses in a series of elegant white vases awaken a romantic mood.

green leaves flower buds violet gerbera glass vase

The green leaves and buds of the purple chrysanthemums look good in the glass vase

Red rose petals water bowls made of glass

Red rose petals in water bowls make the mood festive

Beautiful flower cover

Beautiful flower cover in an unusual combination of red cabbage, artichoke plant and blackberries

Beautiful flower cover in an unusual combination of red cabbage, artichoke plant and blackberries, garnished with red chrysanthemums. The flower arrangement is rounded off by tealight glasses wrapped in fresh savoy cabbage leaves.

Pink bouquets

Even the smallest pink bouquets can look very noble, if they are decorated appropriately with green stems and fine dark pink flowers.

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