Flooring for balcony and terrace: wood, concrete or stone?

Flooring for balcony and terrace: wood, concrete or stone?

Surely you have ever seen a concrete floor covering on a balcony? Redesigning it can be costly and time consuming. And if you live under rent, you probably do not want to spend extra on something you can not take with you. Or would you like to redesign the balcony in your own home? The most popular materials for this are:

Wood for more comfort

Again and again there are new, exciting solutions for the exterior of wood. The material can be laid over the existing balcony floor and can be easily removed. Made of high quality wood, the latest technologies ensure the longevity of the flooring.

The balcony floor with wooden floorboards occupy - that should be carried out without much difficulty. With proper care, the real wood is long lasting, so this natural material is in demand and much appreciated.

Flooring wooden floorboard oak wood veranda

The most popular wood types for flooring include pine, oak and ash

Decking wooden terrace resistant expressive optics

Through intensive heat treatment, a uniform appearance of the wooden facade is achieved

The wooden floor looks cozy and natural. With its pleasant feel you could walk barefoot over it, so the wood is a well-known flooring for the outdoor pool.

Wooden floor Wooden floorboards Outdoor swimming pool

The wooden floor around the swimming pool contrasts attractively with the concrete wall

The wood tiles would be a durable alternative to this. Normally you only need a stable surface for it. The tiles can be laid in any pattern.

Floor grate wood look Ikea balcony solution

Wooden tiles are an affordable alternative to natural wood

Concrete floor - an interesting accent outside or a practical solution?

On the small balcony you could lay concrete or stone slabs relatively easily. With the help of the weather-resistant assembly adhesive, the stone slabs can be glued on. Large joints have a certain charm and can be filled with chippings or stone sand. The same applies to the last row of tiles directly on the wall, which is too small for slabs. Attached plant pots can also be helpful and beautify the balcony look.

Tile Modern Terrace Concrete look Exterior

The floor tiles should be weather resistant and robust

The concrete is affordable compared to other materials. Often it is produced inexpensively in natural stone look.

Flooring pavement courtyard artificial stone mat

A natural or artificial stone floor is a classic addition to any home

Do you like the look of the neutral concrete slabs? Instead of having to procure them, opt for wall paint with concrete look.

Flooring tiles polypropylene outdoor patio

The tiles are a popular choice for outdoor use because they can only be kept clean with mild detergent and water

Natural stone for unique appearance of your balcony

On the one hand, a natural stone floor on the balcony can really take time and cost a lot of money. On the other hand, we must mention the significant benefits of this flooring, namely its durability and weather resistance, as well as classic aesthetics.

The flagstones are easy to clean and a great base for further floor designs. Often we see laid stone slabs as sidewalks in the garden. They are also part of contemporary facilities.

What factors need to be considered when laying the balcony flooring? The selected material for the flooring on your balcony should be durable, robust and weather-resistant. The outdoor area is constantly exposed to wind and weather. Safe installation is a must. Under no circumstances should e.g. loosen and loosen the balcony slabs or be slippery. The installation of flooring next to the floor drain would have to be pre-planned. It is of course recommended to choose a flooring that is suitable for outdoor use.

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