First steps into the world of curtains

First steps into the world of curtains

Something small is sometimes completely enough to change the interior. The home textiles have to improve the overall appearance of a room. The colorful fabrics bring us spring-like mood, while the bright, classic curtains look cozy and homely.

The selection can in principle be confusing or at least appear that way. How to choose the right material? Let's briefly explain it today:

For the bedroom often opaque curtains are selected. Heavy, tightly woven curtains have darkening and soundproofing properties by providing seasonal protection against drafts or harsh sunlight. That's why they come in the bedroom. In addition, the curtains are used for decorative purposes. Fabrics such as cotton, polyester and microfiber combine good looks with function.

Curtain fabric-curtain fabrics-curtains-coordinated furnishings

Decorative curtain fabrics

Curtain fabric-curtain fabrics-curtains-linen-cotton

The selection of curtains fabrics and window textiles is endlessly rich

Curtain fabric-curtain fabrics-curtains-art fiber-nylon-coordinated furnishings

Decorative fabric and curtain fabric in a harnonic look

For the nursery you need a hard-wearing and easy-care material. Heavy materials inhibit the road noise reasonably. Curtains made of synthetic fibers can be e.g. change and adjust as needed. In addition, they are elastic and difficult to pick up dirt. Fabrics such as polyester and polyamide would be suitable solutions here.

Curtain fabric polyester cotton blend maritime

Striped curtains in beige, red and blue

The living room is set on transparent curtains that let the light through and still block the view from outside.

Gentle light creates a pleasant spatial effect. Floor-length curtains made of light, sheer fabrics such as cotton, jacquard, voile or organza are preferred here.

Transparent curtains for the living room curtains transparent polyester

Transparent curtains for the living room

Draped curtains in purple curtain fabric voile fabric tape transparent

Draped curtains in purple

The rich selection of patterns and fabrics allow us to give the interior a new look again and again. Fabrics such as velvet, silk and taffeta make for a sophisticated and luxurious interior.

curtains curtains modern design

Modern curtain design window decorations

Hopefully this little guide to the world of curtains was helpful to you!

Curtain made of natural fiber drapery curtains dotted beige red elegant

Curtain made of natural fibers

Curtains with floral pattern curtains fabric flowers white black pink

Curtains with floral pattern

Gorgeous birdie pattern curtain deco fabric bird embroidered

Gorgeous little bird - pattern

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