Fine linen for the bathroom

Fine linen for the bathroom

For many people, the bathroom is the most important room in their own home. Although it is usually the smallest room, it must be designed as harmoniously as possible. Because a bathroom should pamper all the senses and be the place where you can find peace and relaxation after a hard day's work. To give mind and soul a little bit of wellness in everyday life as well, the bath should radiate comfort and warmth. Textiles play a very important role, especially towels and bathrobes. For it is always a pleasure to wrap yourself in a soft, fluffy bath towel after a relaxing bath or to put on a cozy, prewarmed bathrobe.

Wellness in your own bathroom-bath accessories

Wellness in the private bathroom

fine underwear for bath-bath accessories

fine laundry for the bathroom

Bathroom accessories-bath accessories

Bathroom accessories

Bath mats and bath towels in nudefarben bath accessories

Bath mats and bath towels in nude colors

The bathroom as a place of relaxation and revitalization is perceived primarily by the senses. In addition to harmoniously coordinated furnishings, well-dosed light sources, calming shades, beautiful plants or pleasant scents, textiles are also essential for an atmosphere of well-being. You can feel them - especially when it comes to towels and bathrobes - up close and that's why the material of the fabrics plays a crucial role.

Terry towel set in true yellow bathroom accessories

Terry cloth set in true yellow

wrapped in a soft towel-bath accessories

wrapped in a soft towel

Cotton towel with linen border bath accessories

Cotton towels with linen border

Terry towels from organic cotton bath accessories

Terry towels made of organic cotton

Cotton is one of the mallow family and is one of the most important textile raw materials in the world. Because of its special properties, this old cultivated plant is ideal for bath textiles and ideal. Cotton can absorb up to 20% of its own weight in liquid. This moisture collects in a cavity, the so-called lumen. The highest quality cotton is called "Sea-Island" and comes from the USA. Terry or terry - from the French "frotter" means rubbing, rubbing - is another widespread material that is used for bath textiles. Linen is often in demand because it has a very good heat conduction.

Linen towel in gray-bath accessories

Linen towel in gray

Wellness for your own bathroom-bath accessories

Wellness for your own bathroom

indispensable accessories for bathroom-bath accessories

essential accessories for the bathroom

Textiles play a very important role in the bathroom accessories

Textiles play a very important role in the bathroom

If you want to enjoy bath textiles especially long, you should always pay attention to the best quality in the choice. It is advisable to read carefully before the first use of the bath substances their care introduction. White cotton can usually be washed at 95 ° C, colorful depending on the color intensity at 40 ° to 60 ° C. And one more important piece of information: Fabric softeners can pretty much prevent the absorption of cotton for moisture. In the tumble dryer toweling towels are very nice cuddly, but much faster skinny.

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