Find the way to your own personal home!

Find the way to your own personal home!

Do you want to live future-oriented and energy-efficient in a long-lived and low-maintenance solid house?

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If you are looking for a new home, you are in the right place!

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Large, modern house with a beautiful garden is just waiting to be discovered by the customers!

This could sound like a utopia, especially if the housing problem in Germany is well known to all people. Yes, we all know the big city apartments, where most of the living space is not big enough for a family of several. Many people have different ideas of their personal home, which differ greatly from their current living situation. Thousands think they can never change them and find their way. But that must not be and you should not let your head down, because there is a good way out of any difficult situation. We can help you find the best way to your personal home. Regardless of whether you dream of a cozy family home, bungalow in the countryside or a luxury villa, we can help you to make your dream come true and find your own home. In the overview from Immonet to Viebrockhaus you can find what your heart desires! Viebrockhaus offers great solid houses with a very personal touch! Built in stone-on-stone construction, several house types are waiting for their next owners. At Viebrockhaus you will find everything that best suits your personal wishes and individual preferences. You just have to know in advance how you want to live in the future because the massive house offer is so rich that you could be a bit confused. The Viebrockhaus experts will gladly assist you with advice and assistance and will provide you with optimal advice. Now you can also take a virtual tour of a massive house settlement and convince yourself of their quality and charm.

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The massive houses are built stone by stone and are durable and low maintenance.


Energy efficiency is a strong feature of the solid houses of Viebrockhaus

Different house types built according to your individual needs

What would you prefer - a one- or two-family house in the Nordic style or rustic rustic? With or without cellar? Turnkey, yes? Many options are open, you have to decide for yourself! Every home of Viebrockhaus is cozy and comfortable, the massive houses are modern and aesthetically pleasing. Their design combines stylish looks with innovative technology. One-, two- or multi-family houses, townhouses and villas, bungalows and semi-detached houses are just waiting to be discovered by you. So the house offer ranges from practical to generous to luxurious. And that's not all - the houses can be classically, state-of-the-art or Mediterranean-style. In the construction planning, no limits are set!


One-, two- and multi-family houses can be built for you according to the latest building technologies

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Or would you rather prefer a bungalow?

Further advantages of the solid houses of Viebrockhaus

Everything that has been said so far does not seem to be sufficiently detailed in the description of the massive houses of Viebrockhaus. We also want to draw your attention to other benefits that will surely be crucial to your decisions. In the first place, a massive house is innovative, sustainable and future-oriented! Energy efficiency is a strong quality feature of all Viebrockhaus houses. You get the best thermal insulation, efficient heating technology and controlled ventilation from a single source, that is, all the characteristics that make a energy-efficient home. A construction period of 3 months is guaranteed and you finally get the keys to your dream house. And another plus - the 10 year warranty could make your luck perfect! And what else would there be left? Oh yes, you can enjoy a lot of comfort, coziness and luxury in your own home in the long term! For, of course, you can treat yourself to all this, right?


In such a massive house all your wishes and dreams can become reality!

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