Festive Christmas table - nice ideas to imitate

Festive Christmas table - nice ideas to imitate

A festive Christmas table is an absolute must on most Germans for the holiday. More and more people are choosing a modern table design today to avoid the traditional look. They prefer a chic, somewhat casual Christmas table. That's why we're trying to impress you today with some great design ideas for a modern banquet table and to inspire you to follow them up at Christmas. In our picture gallery we have prepared remarkable picture examples for you. They are all stylish and amazing. Modernity meets Scandinavian, rustic or minimalist design, but the end result is always enchanting. You can choose this idea that best suits your style, taste and home design. If you really want it discreet, then opt for the Scandinavian or minimalist design in the classic black and white color duo. And if you want it luxurious, add more shine and glamor to your table design for Christmas!

modern-resistant table-covered purple-and-silver-chic-and-glamorous

Design an impressive festive table in purple and silver and enjoy your Christmas meal!

black-red-looking-covered-christmas table Red Candles

Modern table design meets traditional design

Choose colors that appeal to you the best. For example, the following color combinations are particularly suitable for the festive table: black and gold, black and white, gray and white, various shades of gray with red accents. But in principle you can choose the colors that you like. Pay attention only to the color coordination on the table, so that everything is in a nice Einklag. We would like to give another example: white and ivory will certainly update the look of your festive table, and you will also see some metal accents here and there. In this way, you spread a refined feeling at the banquet table, which will make your family and your guests very special.

black-gold gloss accents-glittering-christmas table

Bring some glamor and glamor to the festive Christmas table!

color-grautone Festive christmas-table

Stylish and festive Christmas table in subtle colors white and gray

But maybe you prefer a traditional design? You know, red, green and white are the classic colors of any Christmas decoration. You can choose red and white for the tablecloth for your festive Christmas table and continue to put beautiful tableware in these colors on the table. Use an evergreen table runner or pine cones instead of traditional flowers to get a modern look. Add beautiful candles and more lights, because they are suitable for any festive table. Other Christmas ornaments are perfect for table decoration if you do not overdo it. Pine cones, small branches and twigs are welcome here, because they bring a cozy rustic touch.

Now take a look at our photo gallery and be inspired for imaginative designs of your festive Christmas table!
We wish you a nice and unforgettable Christmas!

modern-table design, rustic-style-much-green

Stylish and rustic in one

modern Scandinavian design table-christmas

Scandinavian design in the design of the festive table for Christmas

tischdekoration rustic-deco

Black and white tableware is even more eye-catching with its gold-colored accents

modern-tischdeko minimalist white

Minimalist design in the blackboard design


Beautiful dishes with Christmas motifs


Your festively set Christmas table can look so sublime and stylish, with a dark tablecloth, dark gray tableware and a few golden ornaments

vintage, rustic-dining table-decorating

Rustic dining table is festively set with white tableware, gold-colored napkins and purple Christmas ornaments


The beauty lies in the smallest details!


Festive table in black and white with golden glitter

deco-ideas-for-the-christmas table

Cover the Christmas table according to your taste!

Let your imagination and creativity run free at Christmas!

tischdeko-christmas-gold-slitzer Candles

Attract the ideas that appeal to you the best!

modern-christmas-decoration panel

Pure cosiness with festive touches beautiful, old porcelain dishes are on display!

modern-panel decoration-to-christmas

Design the banquet table to look inviting and inviting


Every guest easily finds his place!

candles-fireplace-decorated Christmas Tree

Classic in red and white laid festive table for Christmas


Shades of gray with golden touches look lovely together, and very inviting! White tableware refreshes the look!

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