Feng Shui for the bedroom: What should the bedroom look like after the Feng Shui lesson?

Feng Shui for the bedroom: What should the bedroom look like after the Feng Shui lesson?

The bedroom is probably the most intimate place in every house and also the very personal oasis. For in the bedroom you can retire, be for yourself and let the events of the day pass by.


In today's modern age, it is very important to make the bedroom a place of well-being, where new energy can be fueled, especially in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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In other words, every person spends an average of 23 years of his life sleeping. This shows how important the bedroom is for our well-being and our health. Reason enough to set up this special room of the house according to the rules of the Feng Shui doctrine.


This 4,000-year-old Chinese science seeks to design habitats in such a way that the energy of life that exists throughout our environment allows chi to flow in such a way that the body and mind are positively influenced.


During healthy sleep during the night, "our batteries are recharged", the mind recovers and the body regenerates by itself. Therefore, the bedroom should be free from all disturbing, harmful and pathogenic influences. It should help the sound sleep and be a place of peace and harmony.
Ideally, the bedroom should only be used for sleeping. If this is not possible at home because of lack of space, make sure that all devices are turned off at bedtime, all items in the room are tidy and the desk is tidy. Because every disorder has a negative effect on the subconscious and can disturb the nocturnal rest. Even electrosmog should be avoided in the bedroom. Very helpful in this case is a so-called power switch, which turns off the entire circuit of a room, as soon as the last consumer is taken off the grid.

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If you are planning to build a new house, it would be great to have the cheapest place in the bedroom ahead of time. There are some Feng Shui rules that should be followed: The following always apply: No bedroom should be built
  • over garage and storeroom
    opposite, next to, above or below the toilet
    next to, opposite, below or above the kitchen.

In Feng Shui, sleeping is considered to be a low activity and is therefore determined as yin energy. For this reason, the dormitory should also be located in an area with little activity, preferably in the back of the house, away from the main Yang activities that should best take place in the front of the house.
East and west are the most favorable directions for a bedroom. South-facing rooms are to be avoided, because there you can not really relax.

Ideally, the bedroom should only be used for sleeping

east-and-west-are-the-lowest-cardinal points-for-a-bedroom

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