Feel 10 little tricks for more comfort at home throughout the winter

Feel 10 little tricks for more comfort at home throughout the winter

Do you want to counteract the winter blues? We have prepared 10 small tricks for you today, how to give your house a seasonal update and get a slightly fun, but very cozy winter interior.

It's almost a whole month until Christmas, but I'm already missing the sparkling lights, the fragrant fir green and in general the festive mood that Christmas always brings with it. Packed with all my Christmas decoration ideas, I can never feel insecure as I decorate my house for the big family party. So instead of leaving my house bare, looking a bit empty and totally unadorned, I have enough time to put a little winter charm in my modest apartment. Yes, right now the following sparkling, warming and cozy winter decoration ideas come into play.

Combine magnolia leaves and fir green together to form a garland

magnolia leafing out-Festoon

The perfect way to decorate your mantel - garland of magnolia leaves and fir green

You can make a great garland of magnolia leaves and fir green and decorate your fireplace mantel. You can see this idea as an alternative to the usual Christmas garlands and wreaths, because it is the perfect way to turn your fireplace into a real eye-catcher.

Make a wreath of yarn balls

a-wreath-of-yarn balls-making

Here is an alternative solution for your door jewelry - a wreath of different colored yarn balls

A bare and not decorated front door is a sad door in the Christmas time. So here's a little trick to spice up your house entrance. Braid a colorful door wreath of different colored yarn balls and celebrate the new season.

Decorative pillow looks like sweaters


You can dress a throw pillow in the old, soft pullover

During the pre-Christmas season my throw pillows get a big Christmas update. This simple DIY idea brings a cozy winter touch. This will give you a new function on most of your old sweaters and you will not regret it.

Pine cones decorated with wool yarn

with wool yarn-studded-pinecone

A deco ideas for beginners

Any other unusual Christmas decorations complacent? Try to decorate some cones with wool yarn. Just wrap the yarn around the pine cones and place them in a bowl. That's how you create a real centerpiece in this winter season.

Tealights in ice - a little trick for your Christmas decoration at home

teelichter-a-small-trick-for-your-christmas decorations-to-home-in-ice

A candlelight flickers in the ice

One or a few tealights can be placed in a piece of ice and placed on the veranda. Then you will not be in the dark, if you want to stay outside in the cold winter air. Your veranda is perfectly lit by winter light.

Introduce new colors and decorative elements into the interior


Decorative cushions in purple instantly catch your eye

If you are really looking for a change in your pre-Christmas interior, you should come up with a brand new color scheme for your interiors. Change the wallpaper, introduce new colors and get cuddly decorative cushions, which always guarantee a fraudulent new look.

Wall mirror hanging over the fireplace

wandspiegel-over-the-fireplace-hang up

A wall mirror above the fireplace reflects the daylight and makes your room visually larger

An easy way to add some sparkle to your home includes following trick. A large mirror on the wall above the fireplace will provide additional light throughout the room, adding a touch of glamor and glamor to it.

faux fur

litter cover-of-art fur

Artificial fur throw blankets for more warmth and comfort in winter

If you want to instantly bring more warmth into the ambiance, both visually and physically, then you are reaching for fake fur. Covers made of faux fur, chair covers made of soft fabric and many other design options are just waiting to be discovered.

Metallic shine here and there is in demand this winter season

metal gloss here-and-there-is-in-the-winter season-demand

Metallic shine is back in!

The mix of the glitter of different metals is super trendy for 2016, it's also a great way to add warmth to your home. If silver and gold do not appeal to you and your taste does not quite match, then you can try brass and bronze.

winter White

silver gloss and winter-looking

Silver shine and winter white pair and introduce new charm into the ambience

There is no more meaningful color than winter white. This is on warm winter sweaters that you can now use as a lamp cover. So you create an ultra-cozy atmosphere in your home and give it a charming winter charm.
How did you like our tricks for the winter update at home? Do you want to imitate them in your home?

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