Fascination bonsai

Fascination bonsai

Bonsai is the Japanese variant of an ancient Far Eastern kind of gardening art in which trees and shrubs are pulled in small vessels and aesthetically shaped. The word bonsai consists of the two words receipt - shell and sai - Plant. And if it is Japanese, then the art that designates it comes from the Chinese Empire.

In Japan, the art of bonsai developed under the influence of the widespread Zen Buddhism there. So you wanted the harmony between nature and man in a miniaturized but realistic form. In this regard, every element of bonsai has a symbolic meaning. The tree symbolizes the living nature, the small stones and the fine gravel - the water and the natural forces. And only when these three elements are in perfect harmony with each other, the fine art of bonsai is also successful.

Bonsai as a hobby

Since the 1950s many plant fans in Europe have been fascinated by the art of bonsai. The reasons for this are as different as the people themselves. Some are inspired by the Asian culture, others are passionate gardeners who enjoy experimenting. With love and dedication, the miniatures of the large trees and shrubs from nature are brought to life and cared for. Each bonsai stands out with a genuine uniqueness that is a true reward for the effort of its designer. The shape and structure of the miniature trees play a major role. Any tree or plant that has a woody stem or stem, as well as real branches and small leaves, can be successfully turned into bonsai. The biggest goal is to create a realistic image of nature.

Maple Bonsai Bonsai Idea Green

Maple bonsai

Bonsai with fruits bonsai idea green

Bonsai with fruits

Bonsai in the interior

Bonsai in the interior

Bonsai birch fig bonsai idea green

Bonsai birch figs

Bonsai as a beautiful decoration bonsai idea green

Bonsai as a beautiful decoration

blooming cherry tree bonsai

blooming cherry tree bonsai

Azalea Bonsai Bonsai Idea Green

Azalea bonsai

Apple Bonsai Bonsai Idea Green

Apple bonsai

The breadth of this hobby or art is one of the delightful aspects of bonsai, as it is a real challenge to the artist's horticultural abilities and creative aesthetics. Even the selection of the right shell for the bonsai requires a lot of skill and sense of beauty. Because it must support the tree well, provide sufficient space for the roots and is also an important framework for the overall appearance of bonsai. Proper care is also very important because the trays provide little space for soil so that the stored moisture is used up very quickly. Location, humidity, fertilization, resting time and repotting are very important influencing factors as with all other plant species. The good news is that you can now find enough information about how to properly design and maintain a bonsai.

Bonsai Pyracantha Fortuneana Bonsai Idea Green

Bonsai Pyracantha Fortuneana

Cypress Bonsai Bonsai Idea Green

Cypress bonsai

Black Olive Bonsai Bonsai Idea Green

black olive bonsai

Red Azalea Bonsai Bonsai Idea Green

red azalea bonsai

bonsai bonsai idea green


Bonsai Orange Tree Bonsai Idea Green

Bonsai orange tree

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