Fancy little coffee tables are very trendy

Fancy little coffee tables are very trendy

There is a piece of furniture in every living room, which you rarely miss - the Coffee table. He has no doubt a practically e function . because there you can always put something down and not forget it immediately. But on the contrary! His We use storage space for things we would like to have near or in front of our eyes. In today's post we want to introduce you to small coffee tables that have one more plus - they can easily be put somewhere else and usually put a great accent in the room. Their presence completes the interior.

Marble coffee table

Coffee table "Fly Table" - small but nice!

The coffee table "Fly Table" has a four-legged frame made of oak. On it lies a marble slab whose edges are rounded. So you can bring any injury to a minimum.

Small coffee tables wood

The bowl-shaped table top tends to the side table

Our next photo example shows you a small table with a bowl-shaped, enameled top that sits on a trestle made of ash wood. The small furniture usually serves as a side table.

Coffee table solid wood

This small table on three legs is called "Mood" and can be easily transported

This little one coffee table , named "Mood" , can fit well with any style of living. You have the option here below two sizes and six different To dye select. The frame is made of light meat or dark mahogany and the round Table top can be in six shades be coated. So, in which interior would you like to introduce this coffee table? He can be fresh , elegant, modern, Scandinavian or massive his ,

Modern coffee tables small living ideas nature

Muuto coffee table "Around" has a cantilevered edge

Forget that someone could overturn your wine glass! That's just not possible here! The small coffee table "Around" is designed so that its overhanging table edge excludes such a situation. The coffee table by Muuto can be ordered in two sizes, also in many different colors. And what would you rather have - a table with three or four legs made of solid wood? You can decide that yourself!

5th picture: K: Pure elegance - a coffee table from the "971" series by Rolf Benz

Coffee Table Marble Black

Pure elegance - a coffee table from the "971" series by Rolf Benz

Each table from the series "971" by Rolf Benz is not just an eye-catcher in the room, he is always unique! His massive natural stone slab with interesting grain makes it so valuable. You can get him in a rectangular or square format and obtained in two heights.

Coffee table black coffee table wood designer

The three-legged table "Metro" is painted round and matt black

Living room side tables wood design

At the coffee table "Copine" we see a well-made combination of solid wood and powder-coated stainless steel.

Round design coffee table

The small side table "973" could easily be moved from one place to another

Marble plate coffee tables

Here, the designers have created a masterpiece! The round marble tabletop completes the tripod metal frame.

Design coffee tables tabletop sofa side tables

You can order this small table according to your wishes in a certain size and made of three different materials

"CM05 Habibi" is more of a tablet in oriental look. He will made of brass (photo), copper or stainless steel with a diameter up to 55 cm manufactured ,

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