Eye-catching decoration for Easter

Eye-catching decoration for Easter

These fresh, fun deco ideas will inspire you to make your own home festive and cozy for the holy feast of Easter.
Easter bouquets
The floral arrangements add a natural and elegant touch to any banquet table. In addition, the spring scents are a desirable change after the cold winter. If you place the cut flowers on the Easter table, you can see them up close and enjoy their uniqueness in the living room every day.

Springy deco front door knots DIY

Spring flowers in pots in the shape of large eggshells

Easter decoration cottage windowsill spring flowers

Wonderful design on the windowsill with daffodils and hyacinths

Eggplant potted plants spring-like

Easter decoration idea in vintage look

Easter eggs
An authentic atmosphere can be effortlessly achieved with the help of decorative elements such as egg baskets. This basket, full of ornate eggs, adds a traditional touch to the interior.

Easter table decoration wooden basket of tulips

Beautifully painted Easter eggs with traditional motifs

Different Easter eggs can be arranged in a large white glass bowl and embellished with a porcelain bunny. The natural look of the decoration is ensured by the wood chips.

Porcelain dishes Easter decorate

Porcelain bunnies for a natural, simple Easter table decoration

The following discreet and clear variant of the table decoration is space-saving and can be realized very easily. Fill a glass jar with deco grass, add eggs and wood eggs and arrange other accessories on top. Voila! Natural and festive at the same time!

Branch decoration Easter eggs butterflies

Simple decoration on the Easter table

Easter wreaths
Some decorations with Easter wreaths look really gorgeous, as you can convince yourself - the beautiful pictures confirm it right away. For this purpose, branches, flowers and jute are used, but the design options are actually endless.

Door wreath decoration ideas easter

A cute design in pastel colors

Easter wreath Easter eggs pink jute

Door wreath in pink makes the entrance area look even friendlier

Easter table
The banquet table should impress at first glance. The decorated branches and twigs have become a tradition at Easter, they definitely make for a festive mood.

Deco Easter nature branches

Make branches with hollowed out egg shells

Easter table decorations magnolia branches

Nice rustic and cozy

The classic dishes are also brought out at this great family party. What would be better than porcelain set in pink, whose dreamlike design invites spring into the house?

Decorative ideas Easter modern chic

Trendy porcelain dishes in white and pink

A delicious homemade carrot cake is the icing on the easter table!

Candy recipes easter

Delicious carrot cake with sweet bunny

The upcoming party is a great occasion to spice up your interior with bold colors! You will definitely feel the spring!

Easter is approaching, so we are already thinking of many design options, how to festively decorate our home and make it inviting and enticing. Let yourself be inspired by these great ideas today.

Easter table table top yellow porcelain rabbit

Invite the sun right to the banquet table with such cheerful colors

Easter decoration ideas flowers

Modern decor with letters and delicate flowers

Motives Easter decorations Easter party plants arrangement

Simple and clear porcelain container with flowers

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