Exotic carpet ideas for your living room

Exotic carpet ideas for your living room

Why should you put on a carpet as a flooring?

The carpets create a pleasant feeling of warmth in the first place. Furthermore, they are a very effective means of impact sound insulation. Last but not least, they contribute to the comfortable living environment. Let us convince you of their further advantages and extravagant patterns:

  • The Persian carpet : Do you like bedtime stories? This carpet charms like the tales of the Arabian Nights. The magnificent works of art originate from the Orient and are usually carefully hand-woven on a vertical frame made of high-quality wool. Extensive patterns and colorful colors in modern variants bring the oriental flair into your own four walls.

Aztec Carpet - Exotic Carpet Ideas

This hand-woven rug spans the show in the room

Typical for the Persian carpets are the floral motifs such as leaves, rosettes and vines. Colors such as red, orange, ocher and beige give the rooms warmth and well-being. The handcrafted ornaments can be combined with the modern decor and create an individual touch. The classic oriental rug is a valuable and durable accessory. With the help of some ornate cushions, some candles and a tea set, this rarity adorns your modern living room.

  • The Tibet Nepal carpet

The fabulous place at the foot of the Himalayas is world renowned for its craftsmanship in the creation of Tibet Nepal rugs. This is the oldest method of making a carpet. Take a look at the characteristic patterns of these knotted rugs made of original wool from Tibet:

Oriental rug Ethno-exotic carpet ideas

Oriental rug in ethnic style

It was not until the 20th century that the precise craftsmanship of Tibetans was discovered in carpet production. The Tibetan rugs knotted in Nepal feature old, traditional patterns, as well as subtle, natural shades such as light beige, gray or dark brown. The textiles are particularly durable, soft and super comfortable because of the hand-carded and dyed highland sheep's wool.

Persian carpet on the backyard-Exotic carpet ideas

Persian carpet on the veranda in the backyard

  • The Berber carpet is hand-knotted from pure highland sheep's wool. This happens in a small area between the coast and the Atlas Mountains in Morocco , The King Berber e.g. is the classic Berber carpet, which used to be installed only in royal palaces.

The carpets have a high knotting density and their threads are therefore very soft. The lanolin in the wool provides durability and repellency of the dirt. The color palette of this type of carpet, as well as the material combinations are extensive.

Carpet made of fur-exotic carpet ideas

Carpet made of fur

  • Fur and leather carpeting

With this carpet you turn your cool stone or tile floors into unique eye-catchers in the room. Especially in restrained living designs you bring with the help of a leather carpet comfort in the apartment. These natural products range from cognac-colored variations to stunning dark brown leather floors. The cow and cowhide are available in dark shades, while the sheep and lamb skins are available in light shades.

With this type of carpet, proper care is very important. Still, the carpet should be in a less committed place in the house, as a high degree of friction leads to the demolition of the coat.

Leather Rug Exotic Carpet Ideas

Leather rug

Do you find the unique patterns of these floor coverings interesting? Would you dare to roll out a rug like this in your home?

Tibetan carpet antique-exotic carpet ideas

Tibet rug antique

Exotic carpet ideas for your living room

Exotic carpet ideas for your living room

Eclectic Home Office Exotic Carpet Ideas

Eclectic home office

Berber carpet vintage exotic carpet ideas

Berber rug in vintage style

Berber carpet in black and white exotic carpet ideas

Berber carpet in black and white

Berber carpet Gray modern-Exotic carpet ideas

Berber carpet in gray ensures a modern look in every room

Excellent knotting technique-exotic carpet ideas

Special knotting technique, which has led to an excellent result here

Tibet Carpet Blue-Exotic Carpet Ideas

Tibetan rug in blue

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