ESTA approval facilitates your entry into the US

ESTA approval facilitates your entry into the US

Many Germans have a travel dream that they realize early or late. They want to get to know the land of limitless possibilities, visit numerous interesting places and cities in the US and feel their unique atmosphere first hand. However, most travelers are of the opinion that this long-awaited dream is difficult to realize. An overseas trip seems complicated to them and the travel arrangements are time consuming. But we would say exactly the opposite. Because there is now the ESTA approval, which facilitates your US entry. All you need to do is start your journey preparation in good time so that you can enjoy your stay in the USA to the fullest. If you also plan to enter the American soil soon, you are in the right place here. In the following, we want to give you useful information and practical travel tips that can be of great help in preparing your trip to America.

Are you planning to take an overseas trip soon?

ESTA approval facilitates your entry into the US 1

  • What is an ESTA travel authorization?

The ESTA permit to enter the United States is part of the ESTA visa-free travel program. The shortening ESTA actually means "Electronic System for Travel Authorization ". This is an infallible security system introduced by the US government in January 2009. It allows holidaymakers and business travelers to make an online registration and quickly get a travel permit. The system facilitates the process of applying for a travel permit to the United States and is completely confident in your personal information. This program is fully in line with the safety regulations of the US authorities and aims to filter the flow of visitors to the airports and to ensure that all travelers enjoy a pleasant stay on the territory of the United States.

The simplified ESTA approval process on the Internet is intended for travelers who want to stay in the US within 90 days. This means that the duration of stay of 3 months must not be exceeded. German citizens can participate in the ESTA program, but also citizens of other EU member states, as well as those of five Asian countries. Exact information about it can be found online.

The land of opportunity awaits its guests

ESTA approval facilitates your entry into the US 2

  • How can you start and successfully complete the ESTA travel authorization application process?

You can submit the travel request directly online. Firstly, you need a valid passport and secondly, you must complete the ESTA form correctly. You will also need your credit card to pay the fee for ESTA approval online. Also note the fact that it can not replace the passport. Here is the most important information about the necessary documents at a glance:

  • Passport: You will not be able to travel to the USA unless you have your ID card, and you will need a passport that is valid for the duration of your entire trip. In addition, the pass should be machine readable, i. includes biometric and electronic information about the person traveling. Such are all German passports issued after October 2005. You need the number of the passport when completing the ESTA form online. You must carry the passport and show it to the authorities when crossing the borders.

You need a valid passport for your trip to America.

ESTA approval facilitates your entry into the US 3

  • Online ESTA Form: This form is your application for the electronic ESTA travel authorization. It must be completed on the Internet and sent to the ESTA program. You will need your credit card in addition to your passport number to pay the fee for issuing your US travel authorization. The ESTA form is individual and must be completed and sent by each individual traveler. It also includes questions about the intent of your trip and its pre-planned duration. The information about the already booked return flight is however optional. The ESTA form is a very important document, so you must complete it carefully. Take your time, read it through or even print it out. Any information you enter must be accurate and truthful. For a better understanding, we recommend that you fill in an ESTA form written in German. Remember, your information will be automatically encrypted so that your privacy is guaranteed.

Be sure to visit New York, the city that never sleeps

ESTA approval facilitates your entry into the US 4

  • Deadline and duration of ESTA approval: Once you have completed the online form correctly and paid the fee online with your credit card, you need to be patient. Within 72 hours, you will receive an answer from the American immigration authorities. This comes directly to the e-mail address you specified in the form. It is possible that you will also receive the ESTA approval by mail. This service will cost you only a few extra euros.

Each ESTA permit to enter the United States is valid for a period of two years. Therefore, we strongly advise you to keep them carefully. You have the right to enter the US several times within the next 24 months, with the ESTA approval already issued.

Extra tip: Print your travel permit at least twice. You will take one copy on your already planned trip to the USA, the second will save you for a later trip to the land of unlimited possibilities.

In the US, there are natural beauties that you simply have to see.

ESTA approval facilitates your entry into the US 5

  • What are the benefits of the ESTA program for you?

Surely you yourself after the explanations of the whole application process convinced of the benefits of the ESTA program. These are obvious. The Authorization procedure ESTA on the Internet Authorization procedure ESTA on the Internet is extremely simplified, works fast and absolutely secure. Pay particular attention to the accuracy of the personal information you enter. In case of any mistakes you can not be allowed entry. Then you must apply for a visa application for a temporary stay and arrange an interview in one of the American embassies in this country. The ESTA system simplifies the process and saves you stress, nerves, annoying formalities and some money.

With your ESTA permission to enter the US, you can realize your American dream and have an unforgettable trip. We wish you that too!

"The Windy City" Chicago is a favorite destination of Europeans.

ESTA approval facilitates your entry into the US 6

In Los Angeles you can feel the exoticism of the southern US states up close.

ESTA approval facilitates your entry into the US 7

A trip to the USA can be a unique experience for you!

ESTA approval facilitates your entry into the US 8

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