Elegant Christmas decoration that you can make yourself

Elegant Christmas decoration that you can make yourself

Yes, time flies by! Shortly after we celebrated Halloween colorful and funny, we have to think of the biggest family celebration of the year - Christmas and prepare for it. The Christmas fever comes and conquers our everyday life. So that you do not feel any stress in the pre-Christmas period, we try to be helpful as every time. We have prepared many practical tips and creative ideas for you, and we want to present all these in a series of posts about Christmas. The good ideas start with the house decoration and go over Christmas treats to impressive gift ideas for all ages. Because now everything has to be well thought out to the smallest detail, properly organized and designed and perfectly displayed. And the most important thing: even the tiny things you have to do with a lot of love, because that is just the Christmas spirit, right?

If you really want to bring home the spirit of Christmas then follow our tips. You do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money on decoration and gifts, because you can do a lot of things at home. Let your imagination into play, roll it up
Roll up and get down to work.


Christmas time, best time ....

Undoubtedly, the Christmas decoration at home is an essential part of your preparation for the feast. There are no limits to your creativity and skill here. Here you can see how best to decorate the banquet table, decorate the fireplace for St. Nicholas Day and give the whole home a new look on the occasion of Christmas. And do you already have concrete ideas for surprising your friends and family at Christmas time? Here we can help again and introduce you to the latest trends in Christmas presents for him and her. And the little treasures are by no means forgotten! But on the contrary! Much of our Christmas preparation is just for the kids or to do with the kids, it is dedicated to them.

Enjoy today the great craft ideas in our gallery. They all demand almost no budget, but have a big effect. They transform your home into a cozy place, where everyone wants to stay as long as possible and celebrate Christmas in this atmosphere.


Something special for all hobbyists

Make such Christmas decorations together with your children and teach them the little skill. During a walk in the park or through the nearby forest, collect fir-tree branches and attach them to a solid ground. So you get small fir trees that you can distribute anywhere at home.

Christmas Decorations ideas

Something green has to decorate your Christmas table

If you have no other options to decorate your home for Christmas, then count on little things. Small candles and tealights, beautiful porcelain dishes and some green transform your banquet table into a real eye-catcher. Succulents and other evergreen indoor plants can now get a new function and serve as a Christmas decoration.


Bring the Christmas flair in the bedroom and decorate the room to feel a little more romance there.

weihnachtsdeko-glass vase

Old vases and glasses can serve you well in the run up to Christmas

christmas wreath

You can proudly present a simple Christmas wreath, if you have made it yourself

You can do many things yourself, for example, make a simple Christmas wreath and hang it outside. He can decorate your front door or the garden fence and welcome your guests. Even small places in the kitchen can get a new, tempting look, through small Christmas trinkets. And of course, the fireplace must not be forgotten. St. Nicholas Day is around the corner!


It may be a bit vintage ....


Hang on the mantelpiece what you have on hand! The main thing, small Christmas treats are here!

christmas calendar

You can sew a Christmas calendar yourself and surprise your family members

A great joy for young and old is preparing the Christmas calendar. Of course, you can sew or make this yourself and hang it at a suitable place. Hide something delicious every day and delight your children! It is pre-Christmas time and the little ones count the days until the big party!


Bring the beauty of nature home

Yes, nature is the greatest artist and we can bring her beauty and splendor home by integrating different gifts of nature in our Christmas decorations. Small branches, rose hips, cones and acorns are now in demand! These are present everywhere and enhance the charm of Christmas.


Small Christmas decoration for the window

Christmas Decorations front door

The front door must be inviting

as-candles-in-flowers stuff

White candles in flower pots, decorated with gifts of nature


Do not forget to decorate the hallway and the stairwell as well

We hope you enjoyed our today's craft ideas and the pictures! Look forward to the Christmas and draw with us always new inspiration for your decoration for Christmas!

We wish you a nice party!


Celebrate Christmas at home!

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