Driftwood wonders

Driftwood wonders

Driftwood is wood that has been torn from its subsurface by wind, tides, current or other natural influences, has been smoothed by the water and bleached by the sun's rays. Day after day, it is given a unique look by the creative power of nature, making it wonderful for the creation of numerous accessories and works of art. Driftwood inspires perception with its simple transformability, which gives the imagination free rein and extraordinary development. True masterpieces emerge that even demonstrate sustainability and support our appreciation of nature and its resources.


When collecting driftwood to tinker with it, you should make sure that it is not too dry, because then dry cracks can very quickly arise. Wood lives and when the change in temperature and humidity occurs too rapidly, this increases the formation of cracks. For this reason, you should not let the driftwood dry in direct sunlight or on the heater. Driftwood absorbs a lot of water, and although it may look dry to our eyes, it is still wet inside most of the time. Therefore, it is advisable to let the driftwood dry slowly and evenly at room temperature on newsprint paper. Only after complete drying out does it make sense to rid the wood completely of unwanted residues, sand or soil. Then it is ready to be designed in the desired shape and color. This requires some tools and materials such as wood rasp, sandpaper, chisel, fine saw, wood glue, wire, hemp yarn, nails, hooks, paint and bee wax balsam to make the driftwood more durable and water repellent. Everything else is a question of one's own creativity and creative ingenuity.

driftwood-as-wall decoration

You have no idea? Surely you will be surprised how many beautiful works and decorations can be made and made of driftwood. Whole pieces of furniture are even feasible. In order to surprise and astonish you, we have put together many stunning photos of driftwood works and decorations in our gallery. Everyone is surprising you! Let yourself convince yourself! Take a look!

side table-with-foot-out-driftwood-in-living room

teelichthalter-off driftwood ideas

christmas-off driftwood

wall shelf-out driftwood

wall decoration-off driftwood

watch-out-of driftwood

driftwood with vases-than-deco

driftwood Hanging lamp

teelichthalter-off driftwood

mirror-with-frame-off driftwood

regal-furs-bathroom-off driftwood

furnitures-and-wohnaccessoires-off driftwood

lamp foot-in-driftwood


decoration-for-the-candlestick-off driftwood

decoration-of-propellant holzer


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