DIY ideas for your home - the bar car is back

DIY ideas for your home - the bar car is back

Everywhere you will find many DIY ideas. Yes, today this term finds an international audience. You could buy every piece of furniture and get it delivered. For any creative person, however, self-made would carry more meaning.

Wooden bar cart DIY serving trolley

Wooden bar cart - interesting DIY idea

If you decide to make a piece of furniture yourself, you could calculate the exact dimensions and make the choice of materials. We chose the bar cart today as a design idea. The piece of furniture is used to place glasses, bottles and the ice bucket near the sofa or the table.

Bar Cart Simple Design Wood DIY Serving Cart

Bar car with a simple design made of wood - you can realize this DIY idea yourself, right?

A simple design that will catch your eye. The small details make the mobile home bar. By using tubes and their combinations, there are various design options. The shelves are made of wood, which you should not buy new. You could give your old wood material a new life.

Old bar cart serving trolley

The old bar car can breathe new life

Vintage solid wood serving trolley

Wine rack and side table in solid vintage wood

Renovated bar cart in yellow modern serving trolley

Trolley on the left picture in dark wood and on the right - made of light material

Coffee machine mobile serving trolley

Your coffee machine can also be mobile, right?

DIY Ikea Bar Cart Serving Cart

DIY Ikea bar cart

The mobile home bar serving trolley

The mobile home bar

Bar Cart rustic tubular serving trolley

Bar car made of rustic tubes

Barcart Mid Century modern trolley

Bar Cart Mid Century Modern Style

Bar Cart in White Ikea Serving Cart

This white bar can be found at Ikea

Bar cart in red serving trolley

Bar cart in red

Bar Cart in Green DIY Serving Cart

Bar Cart in green as a great DIY idea

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