Discover the power of wall paints in interior design

Discover the power of wall paints in interior design

Who wants to give his home a new look, landed here with us just right! Because we want to show you how you can create a new room atmosphere in your home. We have some handy tips and tricks to help you freshen up your home. You already know what we mean by that? New wallpaper, new furniture or new carpets? No, so far you have not guessed the right answer. Wall colors - this is the miracle, which can contribute a lot to the good sense of space at home. So, stay with us, it's about that!

Match color and create harmony in the room

The best way to create a harmonious feeling is to have a color match in a room. First and foremost, determine the color palette in which you want to design a room or the whole apartment and then start! Do not think about the furniture! Yes, these are especially important and they set the tone, but do not forget the other components. Textiles also have a strong influence on the entire room atmosphere. So, sit down and watch carefully what you already have in the room. Do you know or feel what you are missing in there? Which shade would fit well there without being dominant? In our first photo, we show how to take care of the color harmony. Quite cleverly, you have combined different nuances of gray with pastel pink in this room. Now the room looks very friendly and optimistic and exudes cosiness, right?

living room wall-color-combine-and-a-harmonic-look

Skilfully combine colors to create a harmonious look

Bright shades are preferred by most people for the walls

The color theory has already taught us that we choose the color scheme at home depending on our character and temperament. It is also well known that bright colors visually extend the space and make it appear larger in this way.


A comfortable bedroom decorated in soft colors

Look at this bedroom! It is designed in pink and white and looks very comfortable. The light colors are combined with gray, creating a harmonious mix. Graphic patterns on the carpet and flowerpot break through the two-color and visually stand out. Surely you have noticed in our two photo examples, that the wall is bisected by the wall colors. As it goes from delicate pink to white, the perspective of the room expands and it looks even bigger. Small trick, but with great effect!

Each shade is good as a wall paint when it gives the room personality and individuality

Nobody should be worried that he could not find the right color for his walls. Many homeowners are faced with the pain of choice before painting their walls, because the design possibilities through colors are really limitless and leave many ways open. Every wall color has a certain charisma. First, think about what mood your wall paint should spread in the room, compare and choose the right shade! Darker wall colors are full of character and create a special room atmosphere. They are predominantly selected by brave dwelling inhabitants who want to express their strong individuality. But when you combine a dark wall color with light furniture, home accessories and textures, you create a harmonious room appearance again.

wall color-living room-gray

Comfort and charm go hand in hand

wall color-petroleum-greens-wall-all look-at-

Emphasize the beauty of the dark wall color through green indoor plants and other decorative elements - here a white macrame on the petroleum-green wall captures all eyes

looking-and-dark-gray-interesting-wall decoration

Unusual color scheme in white and dark gray is complemented by interesting wall decoration

wall color-ideas-fotowand

Gray is the new white - a photo wall on gray background looks eyecatching

dramatic-effect-wall color-ideas

The dramatic effect of the dark wall color is spiced up by some brass accents in the room

modern-wall-colors combine

Set accents in the room through the wall color

design-ideas-beautiful-wall colors

A tone-on-tone color concept is always impressive

Geometric pattern on the wall

If you want to make a wall at home so fancy that it always steals the show, then use geometric patterns when painting. The possibilities for wall design with these patterns are numerous and effective. They are currently trendy and in high demand. Try to combine clean lines and shapes and introduce geometric patterns into your interior. These can also be used as accents, because they are always interesting and immediately attract everyone's attention.

wall color-black-modern-wall colors

Have you already seen such a wall design?

accent wall-geometric-pattern

Create an accent wall through geometric patterns

wall color-flower pattern

Flower patterns are also an option on the accent wall

pattern with geometric-color design-

Tone-in-tone color design with geometric patterns

wall color-ideas

Create a dramatic look with wall colors

saver-design-wall color

If you like it colorful, you can now give free rein to your imagination

We hope so, our practical tips and tricks are helpful for you and give you a good boost for your own wall design at home! We hope you enjoy our editorial team!

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