Designer wallpaper and wall decoration for the bathroom

Designer wallpaper and wall decoration for the bathroom

If you are inspired by the charming wallpaper patterns and want to beautify your bathroom with such, you would have to pay attention to some peculiarities. In the first place, not every wallpaper can be used because of the moisture in the bathroom. Over time, it can detach itself from the wall and mold can develop.

The damp-proof wallpapers save the situation, since they withstand the steam and are particularly washable. The wallpaper patterns are varied, of which you will immediately convince. Elegant, funny, romantic or retro - the selection of designs is enormous. Convince yourself of the quality and the beautiful patterns of these photo wallpapers.

Nautical design in white, red and blue

Beach cottage in white, red and blue for bathroom-bathroom wallpaper

Beach house in white, red and blue on the wall in the bathroom

This wallpaper fits as well as in the bath as well as in the nursery. The summery beach house motif with the modern design spreads good mood and brightness. This color combination is very popular.

Funny seafood wallpaper

Colorful Fish Motifs for Nautical Design Bathroom Wallpaper

Colorful fish pattern

This unusual idea for photo wallpaper peps up the small bathroom on the same. The cheerful colors give the ambiance a lot of elegance and would really suit any interior design style. The round windows only adds more charm.

Underwater World Wallpaper

Underwater world in luxurious bathroom-bathroom wallpaper

Underwater world in the luxurious bathroom

The black frosted wall and the silvered mirror look wonderful in combination with the stylish fish motif wallpaper. The unique pendant light completes the tropical look.

Moisture wallpaper with nature motif

Birdie Pattern in Stylish Bathroom Bathroom Wallpaper

Little bird pattern in the stylish bathroom

This stunning photo wallpaper is a brave solution for your wall. This makes the bathroom unique. You can calmly put on such a photo wallpaper and immediately feel good mood in the bathroom. The pattern and colors are, however, adapted to the decor.

Butterflies motif

Butterflies in the bathroom decor bathroom wallpaper

Butterflies in the modern equipped bathroom, no doubt they bring a certain dose of romance

The small pictures on this waterproof wallpaper simply bring fresh air into every bathroom. The light blue background, the pink accents and the black plates complement the look and contribute to the relaxed atmosphere.

Flower Motif

Flower Motif in Retro Bathroom-Bathroom Wallpaper

Flower motif in the retro bathroom

The floral motifs are very popular and go great with bathrooms in retro style. This photo wallpaper looks like hand painted.

Blossom wallpaper

Blossom pattern in contemporary design bathroom wallpaper

Flower pattern in contemporary design

A delicate design that, in combination with the snow-white color of the bathtub, invites daydreaming.

An artistic and at the same time affordable design of each room is possible with these wallpapers. The waterproof wall murals for bathroom are proof of that.

Romantic vintage retro photo wallpaper in pink bathroom wallpaper

Romantic vintage retro photo wallpaper in pink

Flower Motives in Classic Bathroom Design Bathroom Wallpaper

Flower motifs in the classic bathroom

Modern chain-like photo wallpaper in white and silver-bathroom wallpaper

Modern chain-like photo wallpaper in white and silver

Playful photo wallpaper in pastel colors for bathroom-bathroom wallpaper

Playful photo wallpaper in pastel colors for the bathroom

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