Designer pendant lights are the new bedside lamps in the bedroom

Designer pendant lights are the new bedside lamps in the bedroom

Each bedroom has at least two light squares ellen - a main lamp that emits enough bright light in the room when you clean or arrange the room, and bedside lamps that emit a muted, soft light for those hours when you want to rest. Or reading a book in bed, right? Even centuries ago, the usual bedside lamps, which are still very common in the bedroom today, became established. In principle, they consist of a foot and a lampshade, which actually looks a bit boring. If you would like to design a modern and at the same time cozy bedroom, we recommend you to choose cool pendant lights to give your bedroom a special character.

bedroom lamps-pendelleuchte-headboard-OSB-resized

Gently shining pendant lights bring a romantic flair to the bedroom

The hanging from the ceiling lamps look very chic and trendy. This effect is due to the long plain lamp cable and the designer lamps bells that complement this great effect very cleverly. The trendy pendant lights are often designed in an industrial or minimalist style, and this modest design is easy to enroll in any interior. Whether you choose hand blown bulbs, clear or opaque glass beads, metal or plastic lamp bells, be sure that your bedroom will get a new trendy look. We do not neglect the table lamps and the sconces, today we show you all our favorite lamps in the picture gallery below. And turn off the light before falling asleep ...

Hanging lamp-light bulb-bedroom lamps-designer-bedside-resized

Minimalist bedroom with pendant lamps in industrial style

bedroom-Lamp Hanging lamp-light bulb-modern-lighting-resized

Originally mounted pendant lights provide the cool look in the bedroom

Stylish bedroom lamps bed wash-gray-lamp pendulum-resized

Black pendant lamp brings more style to the bedroom

bedroom lamps-industrial-paintings-resized

Designer wall lamp in industrial style

Hanging lamp-light bulb-bedroom-industrial-lamps-resized

Minimalist wall lamp made of copper tube and light bulb

bedroom-design-Lamp pendant lamp-resized

Copper-colored pendant lights create a modern atmosphere in the bedroom

Hanging lamp-light bulb-bedroom lamps-resized

Pendant lights in the bedroom are ideal for reading when properly positioned

design-Hanging lamp-bedroom lamps-cool-wall design-resized

Designer bedroom with great wall design and pendant lamp set of 2

bedroom-pastelltone-Lamp Hanging lamp-light bulb-wall-deco-resized

Clear glass hanging lamp in a Scandinavian bedroom

Hanging lamp-light bulb lamps-bedroom-deco-ideas-copper-resized

Combine the sconces with fairy lights to get a creative look in the bedroom

bedroom-wall tiling wood-lamps-from-metal-resized

Golden wall lamp provides directional light - ideal for reading at night without disturbing your partner

bedrooms-in-oriented integrated lamps-directional-light-resized

Headboard mounted lamp with directional light

stylish-hangelampen-bedroom lamps-deco-ideas-resized

Several lamps in the bedroom create an authentic atmosphere when it gets dark

bedside lamp-wall design-bedroom-establishment ideas lamps-resized

Bedside table and wall lamp in one - great designer solution in the bedroom

tischlampe-bedroom lamps bed wash-points-resized

The simple table lamp can also be well registered in the bedroom

pendelleuchte-bedroom lamps-wood floor carpet gray-resized

Elegant pendant lights in a stylish bedroom in gray

bay window-gray-ceiling-bedroom-Lamp pendant lights-resized

Stunning interior in a cool dream bedroom

bedroom-wall tiling-wood-designer-lamps-living tips-resized

Hand-blown lamp bells provide a trendy look in the bedroom

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