Design ideas for the modern dining room

Design ideas for the modern dining room

Many interior designers refer to the dining room as the heart of the house. That can not be denied, especially if the dining room is part of the kitchen. This is actually the trend in modern room design - open floor plan, threshold-free transition from one area to another, wide view to the outside! And in terms of Dining Room Design There are great, modern trends that we want to present to you today. Stay tuned and enjoy our pictures and examples, as well as the practical tips that accompany them.

great-modern-dining room

The modern dining room has to be spacious, stylish but simply furnished and possibly offer great views outside

There is no doubt that the dining room is a particularly important space in the modern home. There family members come together to eat and chat together. In the dining room you can organize a Sunday brunch, organize a stylish dinner party or simply invite friends for a leisurely coffee hour. Communication is particularly important on every occasion, so the dining room has to be designed in such a way that nothing stands in the way of the exchange of ideas. Usually this room is set up according to the dynamic style of its owners. But it has to be mentioned right away - they are increasingly trying to set up a spacious dining room where the usual activities - cooking, sitting and chatting - are possible. If you're just setting up a modern dining room, be inspired by the following sample images:

examples-for-medium-grose eclectic-dining room

Suspended lamps cast a directional light on the dining table, around which chairs of various styles stand

When designing your modern dining room, you must first show your style and character. Of course, you could set up the room in a rustic style or choose the Scandinavian design - it depends on your preferences and personal preferences. But if you want to have a modern dining room, then you would rather forego any embellishment, they do not fit the modern design. Simple and open, even minimalist it should be. So you get a room where you can feel comfortable and comfortable and stay a long time.

modern-dining room-with-have-overcame

The beautiful cut flowers divert the view from the unusual chairs around the modern dining table around

  1. Furniture and its placement

Of course, the dining table is at the center of our interest in the design of each dining room. In what form the dining table must be - round, square or rectangular, depends mainly on the available living space. The same applies to the number of chairs around the dining table. Their positioning is also important. In most cases you choose a central place for the dining table and the chairs or you place them next to the window, where it is pleasantly sunny during the day. Choose a suitable place for this furniture and match the arrangement to the rest of the design in the room. Do not forget, one bench can replace two-three chairs and it provides enough seating for several people. As extras in your dining room interior, you might consider an order table or sideboard, as these pieces of furniture do not take up much space, but are very functional and quite practical. Every housewife appreciates her highly.

villa-dining room-ideas-with-have-overcame brown-wooden floor

A bench is a great idea, because it offers enough seats, especially in the case when too much visit comes at once

The materials from which the dining room furniture can be made, there is also a great variety. But depending on their shape and the room design you can choose the best, even combine them. In question are usually furniture made of wood, plastic and glass. These always have a modern look and make the dining room look the same.

Scandinavian-dining room-with-have-overcame brown-wooden floor

White with wood tones mate, glass, plastic and wood make the room look even more interesting

  1. Colors and lighting in the modern dining room

In terms of dominant colors in the dining room, you have the freedom to choose among various options. Most homeowners have recently opted for subtle shades that are part of the warm color palette. These bring a lot of coziness in the room, are not intrusive and look sublime. If you wish, you could also add a few splashes of color to the ambience or create an accent wall. This is then an undisputed eye-catcher in the dining room.

wohnideen-for-grose-modern-dining room-with-have-overcame

The color duo blue and white is synonymous with grandeur

dining-deco-ideas-Scandinavian-dining room

A colorful rug is eye-catching, but is in line with other design elements in the dining room and they make an impressive whole

ideas-for-big-modern-dining-and-concrete floor

Graphite gray with green accents - sophistication and charm in the modern dining room

We intentionally want to look at the color scheme and the lighting together, because they always go hand in hand with a modern dining room design. Without the right room lighting, the most beautiful colors can not come into their own. So, plan ahead for different light sources, such as fancy hanging lamps over the dining table or recessed ceiling lights, a floor lamp, perhaps, or another lamp on the side table. Here everything would be possible again, which brings charm and style.

big and nice-modern-dining room-with-gray-overcame

Direct light from above, low hanging lights above the dining table

  1. The decoration in the dining room reflects your style and character

The decoration in the modern dining room has to be minimalist. If you bet on it, you would not go wrong. Because the dining room must not look crowded. Therefore, keep all decorative items to a minimum. Only on special occasions, you can decorate colorful and generous, creating a festive atmosphere. In everyday life, a few well-designed vases and one, a maximum of two candlesticks are sufficient. On the dining table, you can put a chic fruit bowl, that would be appropriate and perfect enough. If you have favorite deco pieces, posters, photographs or pictures, you must choose very carefully what they absolutely want to show. Beautiful porcelain and your salt-pepper set can keep you ready and get out if necessary. At Christmas and Easter you may break these rules for decoration in the dining room and decorate everything accordingly. Then you can show off everything your heart desires! Especially if this decoration matches the festival!

ideas-for-open-grose-modern-dining room

Keep the room decoration to a minimum

landhausstil-dining room-with-have-overcame

You can hang your favorite painting on the dining room wall and admire it during meals

ideas-for-medium grose-industrial-dining room-and-concrete floor

Various chairs around the dining table provide variety in the design

for example-for-open-modern-dining room

A candlestick and a chic vase - this is the perfect decoration for the dining table

device ideas-for-small-modern-dining room

Less is more! The minimalist motto applies in most cases!

wohnideen-mid-century-dining room

Flooded with light and elegantly designed - a modern dining room that many home owners will surely dream of!

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