Design garden paths - tricks of garden design

Design garden paths - tricks of garden design

A garden without garden paths? Of course, something like that would be impossible! Because in every outdoor area are objects that you want to reach often, some even daily. That is, a garden path has purely practical functions and allows us to connect from point A to point B. In most cases, it connects the main house with the garden hut or an outdoor bench, goes from the terrace to the fountain or garden pond. But as in all aspects of the design, you also have to look at the Design of the garden paths think of their look and feel. That is why it is especially important to first plan the garden paths correctly, so that they can visually enroll in your garden landscape and meander precisely through the garden greenery. Practically, the garden path separates different areas and this function must always be taken into account, if you have the Landscaping plans. But the big question in front of all garden owners is in principle how and from what material you should plant the garden paths. Definitely the answer to this question is not easy, because you have to include the specific weather conditions. But what options are available, we want to show right away!

  1. natural stone

Garden design Beauty of nature Natural stone slabs

Best quality and functionality are paired with impressive garden pathway design

Without a doubt, natural stone is an absolute hit when you're ready to spend more on your garden paths. Garden paths made of natural stone not only look noble and lifelike, but are characterized by an enormous durability, so that you can enjoy your creation of natural stone for life. Very popular and popular is also the option to combine tread plates made of stone with other material. This refers to gravel, gravel, grit or sand. It depends on what look you want to achieve in garden design and what best meets your wishes and preferences. For example, pebbles introduce an undisputed dose of rural romance into your exterior and make it sublime. Natural stone slabs and pebbles next to it give a perfect look and definitely express your creativity in garden path design. Individual steps made of natural stone without background can be distributed on the lawn and form interesting paths and paths. Rustic and noble at the same time also stone slabs, embedded directly in the lawn. Just be careful to keep them low enough in the lawn so you will not get in the way of mowing. To emphasize the rustic and lifelike look of your garden, you need beautiful garden plants that grow and bloom on the edge of the garden paths. This is an unsurpassed opportunity to enhance the charm of your outdoor area.

Gartengestaltung- large natural stone slabs

Large natural stone slabs and pebbles next to it give the perfect look

Gardening ideas

Individual steps made of natural stone without background can be distributed on the lawn and form interesting paths and paths

  1. Design garden paths made of concrete or concrete slabs

Of course, the concrete plays an important role in landscaping. Many garden owners use this option because it is cheaper than natural stone. If you can treat yourself, then you connect natural stone slabs with concrete and achieve harmonious appearance and best durability. Concrete paving blocks of various shapes and colors are currently on the market so you can choose exactly the option you dreamed of. Rasengittersteine, large concrete slabs, cast-in field or boulders are among the other options for the design of the garden paths.

Ideas garden-landscaping create snaking path

The paving stones do not just have to be square and gray, there are other modern variants.

Garden design concrete

Who says a concrete garden path is boring? Not if it is well formed and framed by low bushes and garden plants!

landscaping with stone garden design

Concrete paving and gravel classics in garden design

  1. Real wood and imitation wood

Wood is an absolutely natural material and fits in perfectly with any garden design. Tree trunks are a popular option for garden paths, though they change color over time and look outdated in a few years. Their sustainability is also not very good and can not be compared to other garden coverings such as natural stone or concrete paving. But who insists on a rustic and authentic look, selects wood. Of course you can pair tree slices or wood panels with light gravel or boulders and achieve a contrast. Our tip is: rather choose sturdy and sustainable wood species for garden paths such as oak, tropical woods and robinia. Set on lifelike and durable options. Wood chips complete the garden paths, which are created with tread plates made of different materials.

Garden paths make garden design

Wood panels and pebbles cut the way through the garden

gardening with stones

Concrete paving and shavings a widespread variant of Gartenweggestaltung

In the specialized trade you will also find plates that perfectly imitate the wood. Consider their durability before choosing the heap.

Garden path made of wood

Sheets of teak wood or other wood species may also be considered

  1. Make the garden path like a masterpiece

Who likes a fancy look and wants to express his ingenuity in the garden design, has the opportunity. Mosaic is the keyword here! Beautifully shaped garden paths in mosaic look enjoy ever greater popularity, if you do not pay attention to the tedious work and the costs!

Garden path frame mosaic

A garden path in mosaic look is a masterpiece in itself

We hope the garden pathway options shown here will help you select the best for your outdoors and create a unique garden look!

We wish you a lot of fun!

Landscaping garden paths create beautiful nature

The beauty of nature and various natural materials make up this garden design!

Garden path create mosaic blue gray

A striking mosaic garden path meanders through the landscape

Picture 5: This masterpiece is worth every tedious hour!

Title: garden path create a masterpiece mosaic blue gray boulders interesting form flowering colorful - lush

modern garden design

A sturdy, but very sustainable garden path natural stone slabs and concrete paving

Garden path design colorful concrete terracotta

The garden path expresses your creativity!

front garden and garden paths

So many leaves have fallen to the ground!

Gartenweg Gartengestaltung perfectly shaped

I also want to have such a garden path!

Japanese garden garden path

Tree slices are especially popular in the Japanese garden

Garden path frame wood

Wood panels amidst greenery

Flower garden beautiful garden flowers many colors green garden path

Lush greenery and flowering garden plants emphasize the majesty of the garden design

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