Decorative wall panels and daring 3D solutions

Decorative wall panels and daring 3D solutions

The trendy wall coverings can be very exciting attractions in the home design. The three-dimensional variants bring variety to the home design, while refreshing traditional wall decorations and bring an elegant living with it
On the one hand, the relief structures are daring decorative solutions because they are rarely found in their own home design and can usually be more expensive than the usual wallpapers. Such a wall design is worthwhile in any case, because it ensures quality and uniqueness in the ambience. In addition, they bring incomparable vitality and dynamism with them.

Wall cladding 3D wall effect optics plaster elephants

The plaster is lighter than other building materials and can be glued to the wall

Designer wall covering 3D wall panels kitchen modern white

The designs are undoubtedly adaptable to novel trends

Wallcovering 3D high gloss bright colors Designer

Effective design of interior walls

On the other hand, their properties include durability, environmental and health protection and other benefits.

Wall covering wall panels dark brown wavy high quality luxurious

Elegant wall panels with a continuous, three-dimensional surface

Wall panels Decorative surface Textile look

New spatial feeling with colorful accents

Wall design Living room wood look horizontal

Elegant living room with a versatile, horizontal pattern

The great 3-effect is wonderfully used in the nursery, because it makes the elephant figures look like authentic. A fantastic decor with animal motifs for the little ones:

Reinterpretation of the wall design in the bedroom: withdrawn, at the same time modern. Uniform, but creative.

Wall decor effect optics bedroom white

White 3D wall panels increase brightness and visual depth in the room

The interplay of light and shadow we get from the relief-like floral motifs. In addition, the color pink provides a pleasant feeling of space.

Wall panels 3D wall decor wallcovering pink flower motif

Lively contrast peps up an otherwise uniform setup

Undoubtedly, the 3D wall panels are creatively conceived. They depict great geometric and nature-inspired forms and play wonderfully with the light of day. Visually, a charming effect is achieved.

Single panel Decorative panels Motto panel Loudspeaker black

Wall panels give your rooms an individual look

Unusual but natural wall cladding instead of wallpapers: ceiling-high accent wall with modern design!

Indoor climate restaurant wall covering faux brick wall optics

Modern restaurant design with imitation stone look

Of course, eye-catching highlights are to be expected for the individual wall design. The designs of some restaurants also provide a cozy sense of space:

Wall panels wall design plaster restaurant design

Eye-catcher: in passing the perspective changes

Deco plates herringbone look Scandinavian black and white

Scandinavian home design with discreet herringbone pattern in the background

Three-dimensional wall design wall decoration eclectic white

Structured ceiling and wall panels in heavenly white

Wallcovering wood look vintage natural tinted light gray

Wall panels in natural wood tones create a cozy atmosphere in the ambience

Wall covering wood paneling bedroom designer modern

Natural look for the bedroom, because the homelike atmosphere is a must

Decorative wall panel color contrast white brown

3D wall panels for elegant elegance in color block look

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