Decorative ideas for Easter - cute bunny and colorful eggs

Decorative ideas for Easter - cute bunny and colorful eggs

What are your Easter preparations going to be this year? Two months before the big party, we have collected various funny interior design ideas for you!

One of the most important decorations at Easter is undoubtedly the festively set dining table. As the centerpiece of this great table decoration a porcelain frame with little rabbits and a variety of painted eggs are selected. The soft pastel tones create a cozy feeling, while the white color looks classic. This minimalist Easter decoration idea would look wonderful in any stylish interior.

Easter table decoration pastel colors

The porcelain frame as the centerpiece gives the home an upscale character

The wicker baskets are another alternative. They look natural and can be filled with various decorative items. The painted decorative eggs are just as important as the chocolate eggs and should not be missed.

Wicker basket gifts Easter garden design easter eggs

Wicker basket with interesting painted Easter eggs

With great bunny designs can be as many decorations in the house design. Whether as a temporary door decoration for the nursery or in the entrance area, the rabbits are cute and are loved by all ages.

Door decoration easter bunny spring decoration

Door decoration with the name of the little boy

Easter bunnies decoration ideas spring

The little gentleman wishes us Happy Easter when entering the house

Spring decoration Easter bunny garden design

Sweet Easter bunny welcomes your guests before the joint brunch

Small delicate decorations make up the overall effect and should be stylishly arranged. The paper garland, as well as the decorated spring branch look particularly delicate and detailed.

Paper garland colorful bunny crafts

With attention to detail

Table Decoration Easter Garden Party Brunch

Spring branch stylishly decorated

For the common brunch diverse table decoration ideas are possible. Whether napkins with rabbit motifs or small egg baskets, any decorations are appreciated at this festival.

modern table decoration egg basket classic tableware Easter motives

Table decoration with minimalist Easter motifs

Tischdeko Ostervorbereitungen

Colorful easter eggs and personalized gift

Easter table decoration garden rabbit

Cute personalized decoration for the backrest

These were our decoration ideas for this beautiful family party? Are the traditions preserved on this day more important to you? If you prefer to prepare your grandmother's old, delicious recipe for cookies or cakes, let us know! We are happy to hear from you.

In this article we show you our selection of deco ideas for Easter. Let the good mood prevail at this great family party!

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