Decoration ideas for craft calendars!

Decoration ideas for craft calendars!

The summer is slowly coming to an end and the days are getting shorter and shorter. We stay at home longer and sometimes have a lot of free time in the evening. Do you know how to use these lessons? We suggest you a pleasant occupation, which also includes Your children can participate: Make a calendar! Now you ask yourself: But for what purpose should I do that? Yes, this question is justified and let's explain why you make calendars at home. Stay tuned!

craft calendar

Your craft calendar can be a great decoration in the interior

  • Why should one make a craft calendar?

First, you need to think about who you need the calendar for. Do you want him? make for yourself or surprise another person? In both cases, the specific purpose may not bother you at work, on the contrary, it can further motivate you. In addition, the craft is basically a family activity, the children have a lot of fun. You can also create a calendar all by yourself and consider this an amusing time distribution.


A homemade calendar can decorate your home office or at least spice it up nicely


For yourself or as a present for a loved one, it is always good to make a calendar

  • What material is used to make a calendar?

If you do not like the finished year planners and decide to make a calendar yourself, then you have to do the second step, which also determines the material from which you want to realize this crafting idea. When it comes to suitable material for a calendar, of course, paper comes first. Only then do carton and possibly also wood follow. All of the materials listed here are perfect for the purpose. It just depends on your skill and creativity, what you can do with them. To make your craft calendar beautiful, you also get the necessary small items, such. Pens, paints, numbers and letters. You can find everything you need in the stationery shop or craft shop. Many hobbyists also stick their own family photos on them, so they have them all year long as beautiful memories in mind.

craft calendar-from-wood

Made of wood, you can make a fancy craft calendar


Wood is a durable material and a calendar can serve you for many years.

craft calendar-deco-the-nursery

Make your craft calendar as colorful as possible and hang it on the wall. So you have a striking decoration in the nursery for example!

cake smooth wall

Even the tiles in the bathroom or on the back of the kitchen provide the ideal space for a homemade calendar

The crafting calendars are a great idea for your desk or generally for your home office. Make it large enough so that you can post something important right away. These notes help you to make an appointment, not to forget a birthday of your friends!

craft calendar Styler ideas

With such a craft calendar, you can not forget anything important

craft calendar-deco-ideas-furs-house

There is always a lot going on in December. Rather write the most important events directly on the craft calendar!

birthday calendar

You must write down the birthdays of your loved ones

Let's hope that with our practical tips you can easily make a craft calendar at home! Have fun crafting we wish you!

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