Decorated ceiling moldings - designs and ideas

Decorated ceiling moldings - designs and ideas

In this post, we'll show you inspirational images and ideas on how to add a designer-level ceiling trim to your living space. These elements can be attached to the wall directly under the ceiling and thus wrap around the top edge of the window. Another possibility is to set up a separate window treatment. If you decide, our ideas would be especially helpful.

Decor with ceiling moldings

These treatments create a visual effect and personality in interior design. They look great in the kitchen as well as in the living room and bedroom. The prefabricated variants are decorated with many details, which should, however, be adapted to the design in your house. In the photos you can see the practical application in every living room.

Window treatment dining room design wooden furniture-decorative ceiling moldings

Window decoration in the dining room

Ceiling moldings vaulted luxury in blue-decorative ceiling moldings

Vaulted ceiling strips in blue are another proof of the raised character of this room

Classic window treatment ornament detail elegant-decorative ceiling moldings

Classic ornaments and elegant details on the ceiling moldings

The ceiling moldings still hide discreetly ugly curtain rods. The texture options are diverse and the height can be regulated. The ceiling strip of wood, e.g. could be varnished and painted over with art motifs or other patterns.

Window treatment ornament dining room Shabby Chic country-style decorative ceiling moldings

Original dining room decor in country style

Window treatment in white Bedroom decorative ceiling moldings

Moldings in white for the bedroom

Modern living room window treatment in white and red-decorative ceiling moldings

Modern living room - everything is kept in white and red

The ceiling moldings are not a new invention, so you could find those with rich Roman or Greek ornaments. Most of the patterns are modernized and fit any interior design style.

Window treatment cream-colored traditional-decorative ceiling moldings

Creamy and so traditional the room design here

Bathroom Marble Glass Traditional Black white decorative ceiling moldings

Bathroom dressed in marble

Fensterbehalndlung white elegant living room curtains-decorative ceiling moldings

The white curtains look very elegant in this living room

The simple lines of the ceiling moldings create continuity and emphasize the elegantly furnished rooms. Nevertheless, they never seem overwhelming and overloaded.

Floral pattern floral motifs kitchen white open-decorative ceiling moldings

Floral pattern in this white, open kitchen

Mediterranean bathroom in white elegantly gorgeous-decorative ceiling moldings

Mediterranean bathroom in white elegant and gorgeous

Living room ornaments curtains chandeliers elegance-decorative ceiling moldings

A living room where Elehanz is the keyword

Take a look at our picture gallery and consider whether the ceiling moldings in your living room would not be a wonderful addition?

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