Deco in the garden Furniture & Accessories Inspiring ideas for a great decoration in the garden

Deco in the garden Furniture & Accessories Inspiring ideas for a great decoration in the garden

In sunny weather, we all want to spend a lot of time outside in the open air. You are definitely lucky if you have a wide terrace or a nice garden. There in the fresh air you can really relax and recharge your batteries. Hopefully your outdoor area looks cozy and comfortable. But even the most zealous homeowners sometimes need new ideas for their garden. We are here to help you with tips and tricks. If you want to spice up your garden with chic outdoor furniture and eye-catching decoration, then you've come to the right place here. Today we have some great ideas ready for you. Read on and get inspiration on how to bring beauty and charm to your garden.

decorate vintage decor garden

Wicker furniture is perfect for outdoor and indoor use, where it is often used in winter

garden furniture

Let's start big and treat the garden furniture first. But here I should like to emphasize it: In terms of outdoor furniture you will certainly be spoiled for choice, because the offer in the specialized department stores and in online shops is huge. You have the opportunity to choose between different shapes, models and resistant new materials. The well-known folding tables and chairs made of wood or iron are now finally a thing of the past. Currently there are new material combinations that bribe you through their adaptability skills longevity. There are inexpensive alternatives made of tubular steel or weatherproof plastic. It depends only on your needs and preferences, what you choose exactly.
But in principle, garden furniture is expensive, especially teak wood. Of course, they are weatherproof and durable enough to please you for many years.

Wood garden lounge garden furniture

A narrow DIY bench for the garden says a lot about your creativity and hand skills

And of course, there are always new and new possibilities. For example, if you like to tinker, you can build your own furniture set for outdoors. Look around in the cellar and you will certainly find enough material for your hobby - making furniture. And do not forget, even narrow wooden boards or boards are perfect for this purpose. As shown in our picture - a simple bench has been spiced up with colorful decorative cushions and green plants to become a cozy resort.

Picture 8: A bench in a secluded corner of the garden is now a must, because there you can enjoy the tranquility and serenity of nature undisturbed.

Colorful garden flowers and greenery outside drive away any bad mood and cheerfully tune in

Flowers decoration ideas

Welcome your guests to the entrance! Decorate the entrance gate and garden fence with colorful flowers

Deco ideas with flower

Breathe new life into your old bike by transforming it

Beautiful flowers, grasses and evergreen plants make up the charm of every garden. To give your own garden a new look, you need all the beauties mentioned above. They are great eye-catchers in the outdoor area and enchant a smile on your face, every time you look at it. Look for the right flowers and plants exactly for your region, observe the local climate conditions and inform yourself in detail about the care of your selected garden treasures. Then nothing can go wrong. They create a harmonious ambience outside!

Nice garden ideas

Define your garden paths and emphasize some places with rustic elements, planted with beautiful flowers

Garden ideas flowers

Petunias transform the old bicycle into a real eye-catcher

Water in the garden

Any garden where you combine greenery with the sound of the water is tempting and relaxing. Exuberant green plants and eye-catching water elements also masterfully transform the small outdoor area into a mini-oasis, where people like to retreat to. Even small pieces of water sometimes steal the show, because in restricted areas, the golden rule applies: less is more!

Water garden design ideas

A rushing watercourse always has a calming effect and ensures inner harmony and balance

Gardening ideas

Small floral arrangements with integrated water source are now particularly trendy

garden figures

Just as in demand as the water elements have become the garden figures and sculptures in recent years. They speak a thousand words about your individuality and spice up your outdoor area! There is a huge supply of these tantalizing decorative elements on the market, so you can almost certainly choose the best for your garden. You may be in small difficulty to take what exactly. Ceramic birds and small animal figures are there to choose from, beautiful angels or Buddha sculptures are waiting to be discovered. This garden decoration makes your outdoor area look charming and stylish.

The wildlife is well represented in the garden figures

The wildlife is well represented in the garden figures

little birds

The little birds can easily find their feeding place, it looks so tempting for them!

Lighting in the garden

And before we conclude our overview of decorative design options in the garden, let's say a few more words about the garden lighting. Here and there in the garden distributed glass vessels with candles, solar-powered lamps, lanterns and fairy lights create a special atmosphere in the garden in the evening. For your garden party you would most likely need colorful lanterns and fairy lights as they add to the rest of the garden decoration and spread a pleasant mood. For everyday use, the other lighting options mentioned above are just perfect.

Deco in the garden Furniture & Accessories Inspiring ideas for a great decoration in the garden

Hang in a row glass jars or jars in which candles are and illuminate a particular spot in the garden

Ikea modern garden lighting

A fairy light is always a good decoration idea!

Balcony ideas plant

Try to green a clear wall outside. So you can have after a few weeks a gorgeous vertical garden!

Garden lighting ideas glass

Cut flowers in glass jars radiate beauty and enhance the relaxed mood! The garden party can begin!

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