Current trends in bathroom design for 2017

Current trends in bathroom design for 2017

It is spring and the best time for small or large renovations at home. Maybe you plan to remodel your bathroom? Then you are exactly right here with us, because in the following we want the latest trends in Bathroom design for 2017 explain and show in pictures. These are fancy taps and striking mosaic tiles, bathroom cabinets and much more. The designer bathrooms shown here are actually filled with elegant design ideas, which are now cutting-edge and are expected to remain popular in the coming years.

Current trends in bathroom design for 2017 1

Bathroom fittings and bathroom accessories made of brass are now the hit!

Bath fittings and accessories made of brass

Nickel and chrome have set the tone in the bathroom for decades, but now brass is coming into the bathroom design. And rather matt than painted. The bathroom fittings made of brass are optically complemented by handles, shelves and lamps made of the same material. Messing develops a rust-resistant layer over time and rounds off the look in the modern bathroom.

Current trends in bathroom design for 2017 2

Mosaic tiles create the 2017 WOW effect in the bathroom!

Mosaic tiles are back in!

Yes, exactly, mosaic tiles made of glass or natural stone are back in! Small patterned now make a splash in the bathroom! Actually, the mosaic tiles look back on a 100-year history, now they are experiencing their comeback! They decorate the walls and the floor in the bathroom and create a zusammenschweißenden look. A modern bathroom laid with beautiful mosaic tiles looks fresh, inviting and trendy.

Current trends in bathroom design for 2017 3

Metal frame and glass but the shower off

The shower cubicle is separated by a metal frame

Iron windows and doors are very popular, now they have totally conquered the bathroom. Metal is in visual contrast to pale marble. In the bathroom shown here, the metal frames have their architectural presence.

Current trends in bathroom design for 2017 4

Graphic patterns on the wall and floor tiles provide visual effects in the modern bathroom

Graphic patterns celebrate their big comeback!

Chic looking graphic patterns are in demand again in the modern bathroom. In the past, they were popular in almost every room because they are always eyecatching and bring dynamics into the ambience. Now tiles with graphic patterns celebrate their big comeback in the bathroom! They are practical, visually appealing and waterproof. Can one still wish something?

Current trends in bathroom design for 2017 5

Pay special attention to the design of your shower

Shower in visual contrast to the rest of the trendy bathroom

Sometimes it's the little things that make a strong visual impression. Whether the shower is covered with tiles or whose chic look is complemented by visual contrast (Carrara marble in this example), these shower cubicles look individual and customized. That's how they look better in an excellent way.

Current trends in bathroom design for 2017 6

Wooden cabinets bring the desired dose of heat into the bathroom

Wooden cabinets, flat at the front

The visual richness of the wood is just the thing that makes a modern bathroom look even more attractive. Wooden cabinets with a flat front emphasize the beauty of this natural material and create a luxurious look in the bathroom.

Current trends in bathroom design for 2017 7

The modern freestanding bathtub is 2017 in the trend!

Modern freestanding bath is now in vogue

Clear sculptured, free-standing bathtub is in 2017 high in the course. This design is in high demand at the moment, the bathtubs with lion's feet or those in the vintage look can not compete here. The simplicity in the design of these chic bathtubs brings a relaxing serenity to the modern bathroom, so we see the freestanding bathtubs more and more often.

Current trends in bathroom design for 2017 8

Marble is again number 1 in bathroom design!

Eye-catching grain on marble slabs

If you lay your bathroom with marble slabs, it gets a special look compared to an open book. Make sure you have a pleasant symmetry and bring out the interesting grain of the marble slabs well. You will definitely get a uniform look, which immediately catches the eye.

Current trends in bathroom design for 2017 9

A bathroom where you can live! This is no longer a utopia, but a realized dream!

The bathroom is becoming more and more comfortable

This trend should be considered as an extension of the dressing room. Beautify at least one wall in the main bathroom with an interesting patterned wallpaper. How to turn your bathroom into a cozy room where everyone likes to linger. Do not hesitate to use wallpaper in the bathroom, because there are modern waterproof wallpaper that dress the room well and ventilate it just as well.

Current trends in bathroom design for 2017 10

Create a tiled wall as an accent and bring dynamism to the bathroom design

Tiled wall as an accent in the modern bathroom 2017

Design a wall in the bathroom as a real highlight through the use of modern wall tiles. Use Spanish or Moroccan tiles because of their striking appearance. Motifs in Ikat style are very appropriate. These are not only modern, they will be trendy for a long time.

Follow our practical tips and design your bathroom according to the latest trends in 2017 bathroom design!

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