Current interior design ideas that make up the modern design

Current interior design ideas that make up the modern design

The current housing trends are practically an unmanageable topic. They can not be summarized within one or more short articles. But it is important that you get a feeling of what is modern.

We now want to give this in the following lines.

Dark color in small premises

dark blue-light blue-wande-reading light-wood-yellow-branches-in-vase

Dark wall paint in a small room look very modern

This is a great example of modernity, because here the rules are broken and yet everything works impressively. The dark colors, when used as an accent wall or smaller "surprise moments", can change the room dimensions. The room can be extended in one way or another. You can thus emphasize an important perspective - such as a beautiful view or architectural feature. All this ensures exclusivity and a spectacular character and makes the small ambience but something very big.

black-fireplace wall-black-window frame-black-couch-bright-color wall-bright carpet-holzmobel-green-in-room

A great accent wall in black brings the beautiful window view better expressed

Doors and windows of the highest quality

modern-kitchen-in-black-mirror-modern-cake equipment

Set up with attention to detail: Everything has to show the highest quality

The doors in the modern design must look decorative and you should invest in it for that to be the case. You can work with impressive colors, set them up to room height, or place them facing windows, so that the light comes into its own and the view from the windows looks even more spectacular. Doors can be removed so that lines of flight and interesting perspectives are emphasized. All this is part of the modern interior design and you would have to do as much as possible in this regard.

Dark mortar spots are easy to clean

modern-kitchen-brick wall Dark-mortel-dining table-chairs-hangelampe-of-brass

Especially in the kitchen, the cleanliness is always important

The cleanliness and good looks are understood by modern interior designers so that everything looks perfect with as little effort as possible. The dark mortar patches are a good example of how to make a bath so you do not brush every day.

Invest in a professional look


Professional design of a modern kitchen brings many pluses

It is expensive to have everything designed by a designer at home, but in some aspects you should seek the help of this specialist. You can choose an expensive chandelier or get some designer chairs to give your home the perfect finishing touch.

dining table-from-solid wood-cabinet-chairs

It may be a bit glamorous

The terms inside and outside are blurry

about thought-veranda-school furniture Basket armchair-looking-couch-deco pillows

The boundary between inside and outside disappears

The indoor and outdoor furniture is not as separate as it used to be. You can now place the furniture from the garden inside and vice versa. Fill the rooms with green plants - they can turn any ambiance into a paradise garden! Anything that crosses the borders, in the sense that you breathe more freely and the seasons from outside feel as much as possible in the interior, is part of the successful modern interior design.

The light changes the mood

Modern-bedroom-design-dining area dining table

The special light can change the overall look in the room

Decisive is the aspect of the light. You can use this to adapt the atmosphere to different occasions. For example, it could be reduced and then strengthened again, and there should be the possibility of color change.

modern-penthouse-corner sofa

Use maximum daylight!

Stowed things can become decoration

If you have no space to store items, then you can show them open. You just have to display them in a pretty decorative way. This advantage is the reason why open shelves are becoming more and more popular.


Open shelves are a must in the modern kitchen

Could we give you the promised feeling of modern decoration? They basically have to show the old principles in a new light. They should give you a plus, a pronounced sense of freedom and comfort at the same time. The modern interior enhances the mood and invites nature home - whether it brings them home courageously or blurs the boundaries to this.

We wish you a great success and a lot of creativity when setting up your home!

modern-kitchen cabinets and white

Modern and practical in one!

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