Creative ideas for a modern laundry room

Creative ideas for a modern laundry room

The laundry room has been transformed into an important space in every household. You do not necessarily need much space to modernize this practical space. Here we have compiled interesting creative ideas and practical tips for an attractive laundry room. We will show you how you can gain more storage space, arrange the washing machines correctly and use the cabinets cleverly.

The room concept in the laundry room would have to foresee maximum storage. To do this, you'll need closets, open shelves, usually on the wall above the washer and dryer, and another pole where you can hang coat hooks. A narrow space would be ideal for the modern laundry room, because often there prevails the T-shaped interior design. If you had a wide window there, in a good atmosphere you would be able to easily carry out your daily laundry tasks.

Creative ideas for a modern laundry 1

The laundry room is a practical space, needed in every household.

Creative ideas for a modern laundry 2

The T-shaped interior design is widespread and often preferred because of its advantages - mainly because you have a lot of side by side on a small area.

Our tip to you : In the narrow space you can position the washing machine and the dryer along one wall, install cabinets under the window and have a practical worktop on it, where you can sort your laundry. On the third side you can only have one cupboard for the washing and cleaning agents. This is how your laundry always looks neat!

Creative ideas for a modern laundry 3

A rod for the hangers is a practical solution for many homeowners.

If you think all the laundry rooms look the same, you're wrong! In this room, you can have some extra features that immediately make it stand out and add a personal flair to the work environment. A pole for the hangers, laundry baskets and one or more indoor plants express your individuality. Pay enough attention to the little details, because they reinforce the personal in every interior. For example, you can have open and closed storage options in your laundry room, pretty containers and / or wicker baskets and closets up to the ceiling. This clearly proves that you know exactly how to properly plan the space in the laundry room. Because here you have to exploit every square centimeter targeted.

Creative ideas for a modern laundry 4

Through the wall design and the flooring, by striking decorative items you can introduce some color into the small room

Creative ideas for a modern laundry 5

In the laundry room best order and cleanliness are announced!

From a hidden or tricky corner you can make creative and clever use. Many people do not have enough living space, so they are forced to combine the kitchen and laundry in one room. That is quite possible, just do not forget it, here is best hygiene, order and cleanliness announced. When cooking and washing! And if your space is limited, then you could use tighter cabinets. However, it is important that you have enough storage space.

Creative ideas for a modern laundry room 6

Use every square centimeter clever!

Creative ideas for a modern laundry 7

Washing machine and dryer positioned next to each other - this is the classic arrangement in the laundry room

Creative ideas for a modern laundry 8

Dark brown and white - a great color combination! The devices also stand and work perfectly on top of each other

In most laundry rooms washing machine and dryer are arranged next to each other. No doubt this is correct and very practical, but not the only option. To save some space, you can position the washer and dryer on top of each other. In this case, the dryer is usually over the washing machine, because it is believed to be better in technical terms. Both variants are good enough if you rely on the latest models of washing equipment.

We hope you take enough time to take a close look at our picture examples and draw inspiration for the design of your modern laundry room!

Creative ideas for a modern laundry 9

Small decorative items or other details express your individuality

Creative ideas for a modern laundry 10

When choosing colors, use fresh colors such as white, blue, yellow

Creative ideas for a modern laundry 11

The wash cabinet can occupy a small part of the spacious modern wheeled room

Creative ideas for a modern laundry room 12

A modern wash cabinet does not take up much space. It depends on you what exactly you can afford

Creative ideas for a modern laundry 13

You must plan shelves for home cosmetics and detergents and fragrances

Creative ideas for a modern laundry 14

A place for ironing is also a must-have! Here the ironing board is attached to the cabinet door! Clever, right?

Creative ideas for a modern laundry 15

My dream laundry room looks the same! And your?

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