Creating a small balcony - how is this easiest?

Creating a small balcony - how is this easiest?

We all know the housing situation in German cities very well. Since one is always eager to have more living space and the balcony and the terrace often remain neglected. Should one do without an open-air oasis in favor of the comfort in the interior? The answer to this question is of course negative. If you have a small balcony, do not let your head hang down immediately. Do not transform it into a storage space, because there are creative ideas, practical tips and tricks, how to get out of the small balcony designed a real outdoor area for your well-being. We'll show you today how to do it the easiest way!

Tips for balcony design - Small balcony

We will show you what you need to pay more attention to in your balcony design

Balconies and terraces are mainly used in this country for pleasant hours outdoors. They like to make a breakfast corner or just a round table for two, to enjoy the afternoon coffee in the fresh air. In order for you to be able to do this on the small balcony, you must make your area as comfortable and cozy as possible. Choose the interior design style that really appeals to you and get started! Should your small balcony be rustic or puristic, classic or minimalist? It's completely up to you and only you can make the right decision.

Small balcony decoration ideas

Little furniture and greenery that is the formula for the balcony design

For the balcony design, the following aspects are very important furniture, decoration and plants. They turn the little balcony into an oasis of well-being. Do we want to take a closer look at each of these 3 aspects of the balcony design?

tips-balcony design-deco-pailetten-moebel

If you have room for a small corner sofa on the balcony, you are lucky!

  1. Furniture for the small balcony

On the limited external surface you can logically not place large garden furniture. If you prefer smaller pieces of furniture, such as a round table and folding chairs, a small bench or just a few stools are enough in most cases. All furniture must be made of either wood or plastic, iron fittings here and there are also desirable. These materials are weather resistant so the hot summer sun does not damage them. In rain and wind you can leave them outside on the balcony. Only the textile things such as seat covers or small carpets you have to bring to the dry during the storm. Suspended tables, half tables or side tables are other options that are also possible in the design of the small balcony.

Balconies small balcony folding table folding chairs

A folding table and two folding chairs are enough for many cozy hours outdoors

Balconies hanging table

A hanging table is a modern solution. There is enough space for the wine glasses!

  1. Greening the balcony

Of course, green plants are a must on any balcony (if it is not just used as storage space!). You can find space not only on the floor and the balcony area, but can go vertically with the greenery. Hang beautiful flower pots or hanging baskets on the wall and put the hanging flowers in scene! If you have enough space for a flower shelf, you can arrange your flowerpots there. Strive to create a consistent picture. Greenery not only calms the eyes, it brings harmony and inner balance!

small balcony shape wooden floorboards

Transform beautiful green plants your small balcony in an oasis!

Armchair small balcony balcony plants

On the floor or on the balcony you can always find space for beautiful flowers outside

  1. Choose suitable decoration for the small balcony

Last but not least, we want to focus your attention on the appropriate and attractive decoration on the small balcony. This of course is related to the decor of the exterior. We would recommend small, not at all striking decorative items such as a simple wall clock, small hangers, candle holders and lights, vases with cut flowers on the table or side table. All these decorative elements complete the look and express your individuality. For the design of the small balcony, you can show his style, taste and character very clearly and thanks to his creativity, create a real open-air oasis, where you like to enjoy the break.

Balcony chair white coat small coffee table

Greening and decoration go hand in hand on the small balcony

balcony design ideas small balcony

Design your open-air oasis and drink your wine there quietly and undisturbed in the evening

Folding table and folding chairs

A view from the balcony on the beautiful landscape throw that is a true happiness!

Small balcony-beautify-balcony-decor-ideas

Small decorative items, candles and lights make the cozy atmosphere on the small balcony

small balcony landscape rustic

Go for the natural decoration and you can not go wrong!

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