Create your own gift wrap

Create your own gift wrap

The stylish packaging of your gifts can be developed with any available materials and accessories. Colorful beads, garlands, bows, tracing paper, fabric, dried flowers and cinnamon sticks will come to your aid. Creativity knows no limits.

Elements as Gift Idea neatly what-Gift-Wrapping Christmas Gift Crafting Ideas

Books packed with the right wrapping paper look like little decorations

Gift boxes red gift ribbon

Gifts in delicate packaging for mom and child

Today we would like to present a selection of skilful color combinations and packaging for your gifts.

Presentation occasion

Presents presents always stylish

A colorful, colorful packaging pleased the recipient very much. If it is a square box, the imagination is not exactly promoted. We all know that: the packaging should be done carefully and the paper has to be fixed step by step with tape or glue.

Pack gifts ecologically

The basics of packaging

Christmas presents two gift ribbons. Red metallic

These gift packages can be crafted in no time

The wrapping paper could match the preferences of the recipient or simply be adapted to the occasion. Gifts with a creative and original look will look great. Obtain fast-paced deco elements just before handing over the gifts, these can always be well used.

Gifts shape romantic packaging

With a little flair, present sophisticated packaging

Gifts in a small format should be carefully fastened so that nothing breaks inside. By the way, they can be wrapped with gift ribbon, on which flowers, branches or glass beads are attached.

Ideas Gifts Pack Festival

Flashy colored gifts, adorned with yarn or bow

Gift packaging colorful red green

Excellent dotted gift wrap and contrasting gift ribbon

Gift box Pink white ribbon satin

Graceful look in Shabby Chic style

Instead of the usual gift ribbon, you can use a string or satin bow.

Birthday present festive

A gift for the golden wedding

A beautiful, noble-looking ornament pleased and inspired. However, the following motto applies to skilful gift packaging: good preparation is half the battle!

We all know it: the beautiful packaging enhances curiosity and interest in the gift. She must please and inspire the recipient. In this article we show you creative and elegant gift packaging.

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