Create new and modern kitchen - practical ideas and beautiful designs

Create new and modern kitchen - practical ideas and beautiful designs

We want to congratulate you immediately if you recently got a new apartment or bought! Something you need to get your daily life started in your new home is a new kitchen. That is because this space is usually considered the center of family life. Not only does it cook and prepare all meals for the whole family. There is a chat and often discussed with a glass of wine. So, before you start designing your kitchen, you have to think things through. We want to help you with practical tips! Of course you also have the opportunity to get expert information and professional help from specialists in this field, if you can afford them. We'll show you just a few modern kitchen designs today and try to motivate you to invest in a modern kitchen. Because your modern kitchen stays trendy for many years and will always serve you well.

Consider the area and shape of the room correctly

First, of course, you have to consider how big your new kitchen should be. What would be the best in your case? What can you afford depending on the space available there? Here you are certainly spoiled for choice, because in the specialized trade you will find many tempting offers for modern and unusual kitchen designs. First, consider where you can place the kitchen. Should this be a fitted kitchen or not? Which devices could you use there and what is most important depending on your needs? For all these questions, you must first find the right answer and then start your kitchen design. We show you some pictures and want to comment on them.

kitchen-design-ideas-cooking island

Clear design and beautiful shapes

Straight, clear lines characterize this design concept in light green. Handleless kitchen fronts are skilfully combined with stainless steel. In this way, one has achieved a unique, very modern look.
When designing any kitchen, the space available is particularly important. Depending on how much free space you have, you could decide for yourself whether you need a kitchen island or not. But modern kitchens tend to include a kitchen island in their concept. You can see in the photo how elegant this kitchen looks. Yes, every modern kitchen radiates sophistication and reflects the contemporary taste of the homeowner. Practicism is also very important here. Built-in kitchen appliances make your work easier and the cooker hood above the kitchen island ensures a clean and odorless room.


Modern kitchen without wall cabinets - pure minimalism!

Modern-make-cooking island

Does your dream kitchen look the same? Mine already!

An eat-in kitchen combines the cooking area with the dining area. Here comes another plus: the panoramic windows offer a magnificent view of nature outside.
As we mentioned earlier, you can choose your kitchen design according to your needs and preferences. If you place a cooking place in the middle of the room, think about the idea of ​​adding a kitchen island. It can be very simple, but visually appropriate.


Simple but very modern and practical!

Even a small kitchen can look charming and serve you practically. The picture shows a chic kitchenette, which is part of the white living room. Only she is in black and looks like a characterful accent! The contrast brings some dynamics into the atmosphere, or not?


In the large room you can give your imagination free rein in its design

A spacious kitchen offers numerous design options. There's plenty of room in the big room to show off your favorite pieces of china and arrange the cookbooks on the shelf for you to have at hand.

The functional interior is equal to modern kitchen appliances

The key to modern kitchen design is the latest kitchen appliances. A modern designed hood over the cooking area is already a must in every modern kitchen. Built-in hotplate and skillfully hidden kitchen appliances are now in high demand. The refrigerator or the dishwasher do not necessarily have to be noticeable. It is important, because they have their place there and facilitate our work in the kitchen. And do not forget it: Even the smallest room offers many possibilities for a modern design!


Small but well designed - the modern, new kitchen


Regardless of the room shape and the space in the room you can realize your greatest design ideas for a modern kitchen!


The white interior is broken through the beautifully patterned tile floor.

white-cake-designs-modern compact-device-barstuhle

Take advantage of the small square to place a modern kitchenette there


The open floor plan of your apartment offers a variety of design options.

In a spacious room you could skilfully have everything in the immediate vicinity. How this has been created, on our picture example. So an elegant kitchen island with breakfast area is centrally located in the room, the comfortable bench is placed directly on the window and a little further in the room we still see the dining area. Everything looks airy and beautiful! A modern kitchen to dream!

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