Couch ideas for your home and great picture examples

Set up your living room with attention to detail and choose the right couch!

When it comes to relaxation and relax, the couch is the king - always number one among the living room furniture! If you have the right couch at home, not only would you have a convenient rest area, but also a cozy place for fun video games and cozy talk with your closest friends. In the furniture market you will find a wide range of modern couches, sofas and loungers, so it is not difficult to find the perfect model for the home that perfectly matches and complements your interior design style. Take a look at these practical tips for choosing the right model that we have specially put together for you.


Match the design, color and size of your couch to the interior design style in your living room!

  • How large should the couch be in my living room?

The size of your couch hangs in the first place, from the available free space that you have in the living room and then, of course, the size of your family. If a large corner sofa does not exactly fit your desires and expectations, try a clever arrangement of 2 or 3 sofas. If you have guests staying with you overnight, a sofa bed will be very useful. Whatever option you choose, your new furniture should not overwhelm the room.

  • How much free space do I need around my couch?

beautifull-palyer-living room-with-fireplace

Enough free space around the couch is important to the entire living room setup.

The L What you want is to make yourself comfortable in your new Chesterfield sofa, literally sink there, and then find your knees bump into your coffee table. Before you make the final purchase, you should measure your living area and take into account the dimensions of a new sofa. Here are a few practical tips to help you with sofa or couch purchase:


Leave enough space between the couch and the coffee table!

  1. Between the sofa and the coffee table: you must leave about 45 cm between the coffee table and the edge of your sofa. So much space is enough that you have plenty of leg room, but you can sit close enough to the coffee table and reach everything without effort, which is stored on the coffee table. The height of your sofa seats should exceed about 10 cm the surface of the coffee table.

living room-with-couch-lamp-and-houseplant

Matching side tables complete the look and have a practical function.

  1. Side tables: If you want to place one or several side tables next to the couch, then choose those at about the same height as the armrest of the couch or lower.

vintage-style interior leather sofa-in-bright-room

From this leather couch you can certainly watch television very comfortably.

  1. Between couch and TV: No one wants to make an effort to see exactly what's happening on the screen, right? But too small a gap between your comfortable leather sofa and the TV is also bad for the eyes. Find a balance and count about seven meters between the large screen and the seating.

read comfortable-couch-with-stehlampe-to-

A high pile carpet is the modern choice!

  1. Carpets: Let It's not that your beautiful living room carpet turns into a bath mat. To avoid this, you should place the carpet under at least the front two legs of your couch.

leather sofa-in-brown-with-colorful-pillows-different-size

A few pillows make sitting more comfortable.

Which textiles are suitable for my sofas?

The style is important, but in the specialist trade you will find a rich selection of fabrics and materials for couches and sofas. So, it's even easy these days to reconcile both - style and function. Nevertheless, we readily admit that certain textiles simply make more sense for certain family situations. Think of appropriate fabrics if you have pets or toddlers. Then it would definitely be a better option to select durable fabrics. We would also recommend a throw blanket that does not destroy the sleek look of the upholstery. This is especially important if your little treasures or fluffy friends like to lie on the couch. Then cleaning would be much easier for you. Before buying your couch, think about where your priorities are. Is practicality more important or less important than the modern and super elegant look of your seating? You have to decide that yourself!

We wish you the best couch for your living room!


A sofa bed is always a good option if you often get a visit overnight

living room-with-two-couches-and-armchair

Pair style and class and create a pleasant atmosphere in the living room

minimalist-living room-furnished with sofa-

Set up with attention to detail - minimalist set up the living room!


At least one green houseplant can be placed next to the sofa

a-view-in-living room-couch-and-coffee table

Remember the smallest details and you will have a nice and cozy living room!

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