Cool decoration ideas for your summer party

Cool decoration ideas for your summer party

Are you planning a summer party? You're probably in despair over what deco you should choose this time to fascinate your guests. A tip from us - do not worry anymore and read Continue this article. We offer some cool deco ideas that are straightforward and will certainly be fun for you and your guests.

Summer party cool ideas wine glasses colorful dots

A very practical decoration idea for the glasses of your guests - the drinks are easily recognizable

If you set up your summer party with bar tables, Think of the comfort of your guests. Late in the evening you often forget which glass belongs to whom. Cut out colorful circles of self-adhesive foil in different colors and shapes. Glue the pieces on the table and each guest already knows which glass is his.

On Tip from us: keep the drinks outside longer cold if you immerse the bottles in a mixture of equal parts ice, salt and water. The ice melts faster because of the salt and the drinks soon become cool

Windlichter white candles summer party decoration

Simple lanterns that anyone can make their own

Decorate the lanterns from preserving jars or the glass vases with colorful rubber bands n. Beautify this subtle and simple decoration with leafy branches and fascinate your guests with your creativity.

On Tip from us: To keep the candles burning for longer, place them in the freezer for 3-4 hours before lighting.

Summer party in the garden decoration ideas paper lanterns

Paper lanterns are a good idea for your summer party

Set for the drinks and the food a few smaller tables in the garden here and there and do not focus the whole event on a huge table. This helps your guests get into conversation with each other and the fun is guaranteed for everyone. Decorate the party tables with small bouquets that you have picked in your garden. Make a great deco accent with paper lanterns in matching colors to make the atmosphere even more inviting.

Sommerfest Zieharmonika-Lanterns great decoration ideas

If you can not hang the paper lanterns against a tree, use a cord between 2 chairs or a bar

The lanterns Colorful paper creates an atmospheric and romantic atmosphere during your summer festival, especially when they are many in number and are hanging close together. As additional light sources you can use tealights as well as fairy lights and strengthen the festive flair.

Summer party decoration made of paper self-made garlands

A table design inspired by the trendy colors Serenity and Rose Quartz

Tinker You yourself garlands of colorful paper circles, which you lie down on the table for each guest. When the summer party is over, everyone is allowed to take their garland with them as a great reminder of an amusing evening.

On Tip from us: Do not rely only on the delicious food and on the well-cooled drinks for a good mood. Prepare well and consider which games can be played at the summer festival.

Summer party blue tablecloth colorful bottle

With strips of self-adhesive film you spice up even the most boring bottle

Deco ideas with flowers outdoor summer party

Do not forget to decorate the side table nicely

Summer party decoration in white Paper lanterns

The white paper bags are not just for the buns. Unfold your imagination and create creative decoration for your summer party

colorful paper flowers great decoration ideas summer party

Colorful paper balls refresh the atmosphere outdoors

Drinks keep cool

The galvanized bucket for drinks creates a retro look in the garden

Garden party summer party decorating lanterns

Tealights made of preserving jars are a deco classic for the garden

Summer party table signs make gift ideas for the guests

Personal invitations and small gifts will surely please your guests

Retro table design summer party cutlery holder

A cotton cloth and a blackberry stem transform the traditional cutlery holder into a pretty retro decoration

creative decoration vases from bottles summer party

Deco vases can also hang

Summer party ice cream spoons with fruits

These fancy ice cream scoops are perfect for the refreshing cocktails

Summer party table setting salad croutons

You can use large mason jars as a bowl

Summer party awning in the garden table design

If your garden party starts early and the sun is still shining, get umbrellas or awnings

Summer festival lanterns with water and flowers

Brilliant deco from just a glass jar, big white candles, some water and colorful flowers.

Summer Party DIY Citrus Print Ceiling

DIY blanket for your summer party

Summer party raspberry juice deco fruits

Put small fruits in the ice molds, pour water on them and fascinate your guests with fancy ice cubes

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