Contemporary design puts on wood

Contemporary design puts on wood

In the concept Paladim It is about a small workshop, which is located in the beautiful countryside of Bulgaria.

The products are handmade from high quality linden wood. The minimalist style with its functionality and simplicity can be seen in all manufactured accessories. Only those goods leave the workshop, which correspond to the concept of the manufacturer.

Unique design under the table lamp table lamp Landhaus Wohnaccessoires Holz Deko Ideen

Unique design for the table lamps

Adjustable table lamp for office lighting for the office in wood

Adjustable table lamp for the office

The table lamp looks clunky at first glance, but it can be adapted to the respective work situation thanks to the movable joints. The wood as a material makes them particularly suitable for the country house style.

The large "crane giant" lamp is a great help when reading and provides you with the necessary visual comfort. However, she will decorate your house as a stylish decoration. A certain spontaneity and quite rural atmosphere are hidden here.

Wooden beams and textile shade in black table lamps lighting design

Wooden leg in beige and textile shade in black make this table lamp

Adjustable height and discrete light table lamp work table

Adjustable height and discreet light

This elegant model has a beautiful textile shade that subtly illuminates every room. The table lamp is available in several colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your personal taste.

This model with wooden foot will make reading or working more comfortable. It's also a great home accessory for the times when you can just relax.

Elegant wall clock wooden wall clock wood design

Elegant wall clock made of wood

Hour markers of steel wire wall clock living room

Hour markers of steel wire

The wooden wall clock "Ro mb "Has a quiet Presence in space, i. You will hardly hear it acoustically. That's exactly what you want when working. It also has it a simple one s . but stylish design ,

Each watch is made from high quality linden wood, which has been carefully machined and honed. The best products will be used on the Bulgarian market.

The movements have a continuous sweeping motion and are completely silent. The delicate hour markers are made of stainless steel wire. On alloy and zinc is omitted.

Pen holder with sturdy design office supplies Designer cube

Pen holder in a robust design

The products are made of linden wood-pencil boxes pen holder

The products are made of linden wood

Is there often a creative mess on your desk? Sometimes that can be a good thing, but most of the time we need an organized work environment. We offer you a solution - the so-called " Katun " , This pen holder is simple and efficient and a typical representative of this design.

Reused light bulb in decor accessories vase

Reused light bulb in the decor

Small vase in black and yellow office designer deco

Small vase in black and yellow

Once this bulb emit warm light, today it is reused as a small vase. " beta " can be placed anywhere in your home or home office and create a colorful and cheerful atmosphere. You could place artificial or dried flowers in it, or fill it with water and use it as a vase for small cut flowers.

The frame has four tiny silicone bands that provide stability. The size is 6x6cm.

Dice puzzle from wooden games

Cube puzzle made of wood

Cube puzzle wood

Cube puzzle wood

Cube puzzle lime tree designer office


This little cube p puzzle is really fun , It consists of 7 elements that eventually form a cube, but at all not as easy as you maybe imagine it ,

The wooden learning toy is for you and your friends at home or Your colleagues in the office certainly , D the cube p puzzle improvement t also the analytical thinking the Children.

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