Colorful flowerpots for your succulents

Colorful flowerpots for your succulents

The funny ceramic flower pots are the perfect first step into the DIY world. Before planting houseplants or herbs you could give the small containers a fresh new look! Tickle your creativity with these crafting ideas!

1-For this playful effect you only need a well-covering white color. The crisp contrast with the original earth color is completed by the green.

A painting of white paint creates a pleasant contrast plant pot flower pot DIY ceramic garden succulents indoor plants

A coat of white paint creates a pleasant contrast

A creative idea for containers with a great look and feel!

Decoupage with flower pattern flowerpot plant pot decoupage spring

Decoupage with floral pattern

These stylish eye-catchers were lovingly painted in contrasting colors and decorated with decorative stones in pink. The gold effect would look elegant on any windowsill.

Colorful summery flower pots in modern interior flower pots indoor plants succulents DIY decoration stone ideas

Colorful summer flowerpots in the modern interior

The blackboard color facilitates the labeling of the herb pots. At the next repotting, the chalk can simply be wiped away.

Paint flowerpots with blackboard paint - Re-use makes it easier to repot-plant pot herbs garden ceramic blackboard paint

Paint flower pots with blackboard paint

The pluster color is another creative solution. The pleasantly light texture makes for wonderful designs.

Decoration with Pluster Color Flower Pot Design Indoor Plants DIY Pluster Color Crafting

Decoration with pluster color

The pastel colors in color block look look very delicate and natural.

Delicate color block optic with pastel block pastel colors succulents

Delicate color block look with pastel colors

To transfer the dot pattern to the flower pot, you would need a template and structure color. The finished result is a fun pink succulent tank.

Great polka dot pattern in gold and pink flowerpot paint crafting houseplants cacti

Great polka dot pattern in gold and pink

A little ornament instead of color creates an interesting look. The yellow, white and green gemstones can be fixed with the help of plastic glue.

Delicate ornament instead of color indoor plants Decoration Ideas Gemstones Crafts with flower pot

Delicate ornament instead of color

This is a DIY project for the whole family. Succulents with happy faces can be created in minutes.

Cheerful faces and neon colors - Funny flower pots made of clay paint-crafts with flower pots

Happy faces and neon colors

A simple idea is the plant pots wrapped with hemp. The result is a pretty design with a rustic flair.

Plant pot for a rustic look with twine wrap-flower pot crafting with kids

Wrap plant pot with hemp for a better rustic look

The tip visually compensates for the effect of the ceramic and provides a delicate charm with its look and feel. A real hit.

Choose lace for a delicate look-houseplants succulents DIY crocheted flowerpot

Choose lace for a delicate look

The neon colors give the containers a modern and chic look. The sparkle reflects the falling light and attracts curious glances.

Neon colors and glitter for a modern-look indoor plants flower pots painted DIY neon colors sparkle modern

Neon colors and sparkles for a modern look

The ikat pattern can be painted by hand here and provides with different colors and sizes for playfulness.

Flowerpots with Ethnic Ikat Pattern House Plants Flower Pots DIY Paint

Flower pots with ethnic ikat pattern

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