Color ideas for the classic kitchen

Color ideas for the classic kitchen

Are you looking for a suitable color combination for your kitchen? Do you like the traditional, timeless living design? Today we show you 9 living examples with beautiful kitchen nuances.
The combination of blue shades gives a classic look. A single shade of color may seem monotonous, so a skilful color scheme is often preferred by the designers.

Kitchen style color choice blue turquoise

Cool steel blue, along with other nuances make up the elegant kitchen design

With beige and blue as a basis, you can add any other color shades later.
black and white
A minimalistic color theme has always been considered elegant and noble. Classics such as the checkerboard floor e.g. You can bring in any room size.
With more white than black your kitchen will never seem too dark. Smart is used in dark gray or anthracite instead of black in the kitchen design.

Kitchen modern classic checkerboard floor

Timeless elegance, refined by cool undertones

Black, white and wooden elements
The wooden floor warms up the atmosphere somewhat, do not you think? The cozy flair makes this kitchen look particularly attractive, although actually no trendy colors are included next to the black and white.
The combination of black cabinets and white cooking island is skilfully conceived, because the brighter color is immediately put into focus. In a small kitchen area you could instead put on white walls and create more for visual spaciousness.

Modern kitchen design cooking island marble wooden floor

Trendy design with color blocks black and white wood

olive green
Would you use the color of nutritional products in kitchen design? Here we see a great example of it. The olive green looks restrained and tasteful. The metallic shades and the wood colors complete the elegance in the overall effect.
Other beautiful opportunities can be found in natural green or champagne beige.

Kitchen frame color choice olive green

The neutral olive green gives freshness and relaxation

Gray white and white
Snow White is not for everyone, so we present the trendy gray-white as an alternative. These gorgeous color combinations are quite enough if you achieve a designer look. Pure white, limited to individual elements, brings fresh air into the decor.

Kitchen area color scheme dirty white greyish white

White as a basis is suitable for any style

Mint green
Do not you like the latest trends? Then make a statement with the cool retro color mint green! Some color strokes of it give your kitchen a charming look. Add playful notes of blue for a balanced color effect.

Kitchen island on wheels Retro fridge

Pastel colors set the tone in modern kitchens, here through the mint green fridge

We are back at the food theme with the fresh tomato red. Does this color seem too strong for the kitchen? Then bring them in the form of kitchen accessories in the design.
In the photo we can see that the side of the cabinet matches the red herbs! Together with the black, the result is a lively and tasteful interior.

Modern kitchen design color idea red black

Stylish design with dynamic, powerful effect

Orange, white and blue
This classic color combination consists of three of the best colors for your kitchen. White provides simplicity, blue for homely casualness and orange is added as an appetizing nuance!
Less is more in this stylish overall look. Dark blue comes in the form of a cooking island, while the warm shades make up the small home accessories such as curtains, books and tea towels.

Kitchen White Orange Accent Dark Blue

Fresh look with trendy orange

Kitchen Island Dark Blue Bar Stool Red

Achieving balance - a mixture of visual calming and stimulation

Trendy colors
If you want to bring some bold colors into the home design, our last idea would be just right for you. Visually tasteful here is the neon orange on bar stools, placemats, as well as in the form of cables and containers. In this way you could change the selected accent color as often as you like!

Kitchen Color White Orange Light Green Accent

Monotony was yesterday, on effective orange in kitchen design, you can now sit quietly

These were our ideas for kitchen design? Which one do you like best? Let us know!

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