Cloth napkins for noble and ceremonial occasions

Cloth napkins for noble and ceremonial occasions

The first cloth napkins and their use are scientifically proven and dated from the 16th century. Today, they are still considered the epitome of sophisticated style and classic elegance. Even the white cloth napkins made of simple cotton we associate with cultivated table culture. Take a look at these great examples of table decorations:

Vintage silverware with an empty tag

Practical and stylish table companion

Natural napkins in white are real classics and can be stylishly presented for any occasion. The simple dishes are embellished.

Napkin technique elegant table decoration

Napkin ring made of textile in white and green

As stylish home textiles, the cloth napkins are great. Among them you can choose between high quality cotton, linen, damask and blended fabrics.

Damask napkin silver cutlery

High-quality cloth napkins can equip your table for decades

The cloth napkins can be adapted to the entire table decoration. Thus, for a restrained and noble banquet monotonous napkins in neutral colors are chosen.

Festive table design wedding table decoration

Countless folding methods make the napkins look different on every occasion

For home and solemn occasions, there are bold colors, as well as bird and flower patterns.

Fresh deco ideas home textiles napkins

Stitched cloth napkins in bold colors and any pattern

Printed napkins can also be added to menu cards or season. Light linen fabrics make us think of summer parties or convivial family evenings.

Linen Napkins White Navy Blue Vintage

Stylish table setting for lunch with friends

Textile napkin tableware white cloth napkin

Funny fork motif in blue

At the garden party or while drinking coffee - thanks to elaborate cloth napkins you can always expect a good impression. This table decoration enchants us with different designs - from cloud white to striped pattern. The wrapped napkins as decorative elements set great accents on the table.

Folding Method Knot Table Cloth Napkin Light Blue Shabby Chic

Beige napkin with a great color contrast of linen

Blossoms, grasses and cinnamon sticks as additional decorative items give the napkins and thus the table decoration a special touch.

striped cloth napkins ribbon floral pattern pink

Decorate the table individually and with a light hand

Large napkins can be folded and tied into cutlery pockets. The personalized stamped letters indicate the assigned seats of the guests. Thus, the simple but artistic table decoration is finished.

Kitchen textiles classic cloth napkins table top

Neutral napkins with monogram

The stylish cloth napkins serve as an expression of culture and grandeur, by the way, they are also wonderful gifts for the wedding or anniversary dar.

Batiken tie-dye trendy cloth napkins

Unique table decoration with vintage elements

Gradients stamp DIY flowers decorate

Dip-Dye cloth napkin for delicate table decorations

Hemstitch Embroidery Shabby Chic Color Beige Blue

Coffee break and bits of mouse bacon

high quality napkins bold blue classic table decoration

Napkin ring with a difference


Classic cloth napkin set in white and dark blue

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