Clever ideas for the back wall in your kitchen

Clever ideas for the back wall in your kitchen

Do you like to prepare various delicious dishes in your kitchen? That's fun Especially if the whole family and your guests are watching and appreciating your cooking skills. So you are always motivated to prepare more and always new treats. But that means not only more enjoyment at the table, but also more dirt in the kitchen and unpleasant time spent there for cleaning. Even if you're alert, tomato sauce, oil, blueberry juice, etc. always drips or splatters on poorly accessible areas. The dirt gets behind a kitchen cabinet or in the corners, where cleaning is a difficult thing. Do not you think that you finally have to think of a qualitative kitchen mirror to facilitate your work in the kitchen? We offer you some clever ideas for this with this article.

modern kitchen design in white Tile mirror kitchen mirror

Simple tile mirror in snow white shows great geometric shapes

Choose one kitchen mirror design for your kitchen to achieve a thorough change in this area. Regardless of whether your kitchen is small or large, you no doubt need a kitchen back wall that fits well into the ambience or stands out as a great accent.

The dark nuances transform your kitchen into a stylish and unique n room and the kitchen mirror can be replaced very easily to create a new modern look. Emphasize the strong dark accent with kitchen cabinets in light shades. The tiles are also a great way for a handy tile mirror - there are many nuances and designs on the market.

white kitchen top kitchen mirror stainless steel ideas

Classic kitchen design in white, wood color and stainless steel

Choose between wood shades and stainless steel. You can do both very good together. If you choose stainless steel, use handles of the same color for the kitchen cabinets or skirting for your kitchen island. If wood is better for your taste for a kitchen, create distinct contrasts to enjoy a cool look every day.

Quality and cheap variant for your kitchen back wall are the laminated sheets, offered in a variety of patterns. Their installation is very simple and cleaning will not cost you so much effort.

Kitchen frame kitchen mirror in black

Fancy kitchen mirror in black with great relief elements

The multifunctional solutions are very popular with every housewife. The kitchen mirror makes cleaning easier and protects the wall, and In addition, he can save a lot of space in the kitchen. Optimize the space on your kitchen worktop and hang various utensils and other accessories on the kitchen mirror using suitable hooks or hanging systems.

patterned kitchen mirror in white floral motifs

Instead of upper kitchen cabinets, you can only mount one shelf for a breezy and spacious kitchen environment

On Tip from us: If your kitchen is monochrome, cover the wall in the same color and not in similar shades to achieve a simple look.

Take a look at our picture gallery and carefully consider what kind of kitchen mirror fits your decor best. The money investment should not be that big, but you'll feel the benefits of wall protection later that same day - less time with the rag in your hand and more time with family and friends.

Kitchen mirror tile mirror colorful tiles kitchen cabinets

The black, simple kitchen cabinets allow a fancy, multi-colored tile mirror

Retro kitchen mirror stylish kitchen stainless wood

Stylish kitchen back wall in geometric patterns

Kitchen mirror tile mirror small silver tiles

This design tile mirror is an absolute eye-catcher in the trendy kitchen

Kitchen mirror stainless steel fine matt kitchen noble look

Matt stainless steel surfaces are easy to care for and look great

black kitchen mirror tile mirror white kitchen furniture

The black tile mirror forms a clear contrast between the white kitchen cabinets

minimalist kitchen kitchen mirror tile mirror black tiles

If you want to create a simple and stylish atmosphere in the kitchen, opt for white walls, black tile mirrors, and a high-quality solid wood kitchen top

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