Christmas Ideas - ideas that your home smells like after Christmas

Christmas Ideas - ideas that your home smells like after Christmas

While you are constantly trying to spread a festive mood at home in the run up to Christmas, you are very much focused on the visual. Often you forget, smells also play a big role. These act like aroma therapy and carry a nostalgic, very positive feeling with them. We have some ideas for you, how you can smell your home after Christmas.

saucepan-full-vegetables-apple-slices-mandarin-orange-lemon-cinnamon stick

Christmas cooking pot with fruits - let Christmas smell nice and a bit exotic!

Christmas cooking pot with fruits
Put tangerine peel and apples in a pot of water and add some cinnamon sticks. Bring it to a boil shortly afterwards your home will fill with the pleasant aromas.

kochtopf-pine branches-zimtstabchen

You can also try pine branches and make your own potpourri

We can do about the same with pine branches and cinnamon sticks. This is how it smells of home at winter forest. Make your own potpourri Experiment with your own blends of herbs and fruits. Bring this together, which awakens in you the greatest nostalgic associations.

glass bowl and dry orange peel-zimtstangen-scented-krauter

Your imagination and creativity knows no bounds - it is important, it smells nice!

DIY candles
Make your own candles and use essential oils that pamper your senses the most and bring you to the Christmas spirit the fastest.


Do you want a special aroma for Christmas at home? Then try DIY candles with essential oils!

Garland with sweet scent
Garlands of airy chocolate and lemons - this decoration is a pure pleasure. By filling your senses with these aromas, you will not be so keen on snacking on sweets.
Unfold the scent of pine cones
The pine cones are not just a beautiful one Christmas decoration but they can fill your home with beautiful scents. This works by spraying the pine cones with appropriate essential oils.
Essential oils on decoration
The essence oils can also be distributed on other decorative ornaments. For example, you can use it to spray some of the Christmas decorations.
Oranges and balsamic vinegar
The combination of orange and balsamic vinegar also fits wonderfully at Christmas. You should slice the fruits. Put them in the vinegar and add some water. Let it boil and turn off the hotplate after a minute.
Use the cinnamon biscuits as decoration
The cinnamon biscuit tastes good and smells great. From this you can make great decoration and pamper your senses with soothing aroma.
sage wreath
Door and wall wreaths made of unusual plants have been very popular for several years. They wonderfully decorate the minimalist home. Opt for sage if you want to enjoy the beautiful scent in addition to the great decorative effect.
Aromatic igniters
There are different aromatic lighters for the fireplace. Choose the fragrances that are right for Christmas.
Candles with lavender and rosemary
Expel winter depression with home-made rosemary and lavender candles. At the same time you bring in a great Christmas mood. In realizing all these ideas, you should keep Christmas in mind. Certain decorations bring more in the mood than others and they should be your priority. At the same time you should remember that fragrant accents you relax! We wish you a wonderfully fragrant and merry Christmas!

orange-lemon-slices-small-pastry-cinnamon flavor

A homemade garland brings the Christmas scent to your home


The pine cones smell so fresh, typically Christmas!

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